Headphones with mic or headset highly recommended!



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    I use a Logitech G35. I was initially a little hesitant to spend € 85 on a headset (though they seem to be more expensive now), but it has paid off. Good quality sound, comfortable to wear and pretty durable - I've had this pair for two years and it's still in great condition. The only thing is that the mic squeaks when you flip it aside in order to mute it, but I can live with that.
    +1 to this. I freaking love my G35 (got my gf to buy it for me for xmas one year). Comfy to wear, solid build, good sound quality and the logitech software comes with sound equalizer and voice modding software bundled :D Not to mention it blocks a good deal of external noise by basically encasing your ears.
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    If you want a good virtual surround sound gaming headset, my brother bought a Plantronics 777 for £20 from ebay and they work fantastically for the price and im using turtle beaches xp400 which are over £100, i compared them both and the plantronics i would say are defiantly worth it for the budget gamer.
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    Just putting it out there, I don't know any good headsets, but I don't need, I use a webcam, yes, a webcam.
    It is possible.
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    Talboturbo wrote: »
    Just putting it out there, I don't know any good headsets, but I don't need, I use a webcam, yes, a webcam.
    It is possible.

    You mean using the microphone in the webcam? What about any noise from your PC speakers? Doesn't that interfere?
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    DT990 pro 250ohm & Creative ZXR with ACM microhpone <3
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    I know I'm the odd one out here, but I always prefer using a dedicated mic when I feel like talking. That way I can have high audio quality on the mic (and adjustable gain) and I'm able to use the headphones of my choice.
    Maybe its just me, but I've always felt that gaming headsets are a bit lackluster. They never have great mic quality and they're often uncomfortable. Maybe I've just been buying bad headsets though.
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    Oh yes you'll be better off with nicer headphones. I feel like I can hear where everything is with mine
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