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    El_Hadschi wrote: »
    I'm really exited about this new update. To bad my seamoth exploded a while ago due to a strange hull depth bug and apparently my prison key (blue artifact) was in there. OR it has spontaneously disappeared. Either way I can't get in the prison. There is some protection going on with the console. Whenever I try to type precursorkey_blue halfway the console disappears. Works fine with other commands/items..... Should someone have an idea..... After playing 160+ hours I can't stand the idea of starting over at this point ;-(

    Can't create a new thread (have to wait 1 day and post once - hereby done).

    If you clean the cache, shouldnt the blue artifact respawn at its origin location?

    Kind off game breaking, losing the blue key before scanning it. Maybe a data fragment with the blue keys blueprint in the blue keys chamber.

    Update is great but also a little bit disappointing. Have also have to wait a day to go into details.
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    Finally collected all the components for the Emperor as requested. Did the thing only to find out the final cure item for the Carar Virus isn't clickable because it's "not in the game yet". Come on, it's floating right there... At least let us pick it up, even if we can't synthesize it into a cure yet... -_-
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