Suggestion: Engaging vehicle bay doors on Cyclops as a defense mechanism

Haltus_KainHaltus_Kain Join Date: 2017-03-31 Member: 229313Members
Hola! So I know the devs like to steer away from conventional defensive tools like guns, favoring more creative means, so hopefully this fits the bill for a unique way to combat smaller (non-leviathan) aggressive creatures:

Trap them in the vehicle bay!

What I'm picturing is cruising around in stealth mode; spot a bone shark or something and sneak up close to it; OPEN the vehicle bay doors while still inside the Cyclops, and bait the creature in with decomposing fish or something (or literally try to position yourself over it manually to kind of 'grab' it, but risk pissing it off and having it start attacking). Once it's inside the bay doors, close them, draining the water and trapping the creature. The player could then leave the steering wheel and either...
  • Add the creature to their inventory in the same way that large creatures from Alien Containment Tanks can be picked up; and either release it later or add it to an Alien Containment Tank.
  • Process it, either by using Fabricator-like beams inside the bay itself, or by picking up the creature and bringing it to a Fabricator. This would provide a large amount of food and perhaps some water, as a means of late-game hunting for sustenance.
  • Just wait a minute or so and leave the creature in the waterless environment, killing it. The doors could then be reopened to let the corpse fall out of the sub and free the bay up for trapping another hostile, or normal utilization of a docked vehicle.


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