Bug [Feb-2017 45367] - Cyclops Lurching Due to Player Model

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I found that if I sprint into the front glass of my Cyclops, if I hit it just right, it will lurch/launch randomly. I managed to replicate the bug and record it. I got the cyclops to lurch forward around 5 times in 10 minutes, I only started recorded once I was able to replicate it consistently. One attempt did send my player character through the front glass of the Cyclops and into the open ocean. I wasn't able to replicate/record that happening. I did not attempt it in a new save with a new cyclops.

I'm not sure if it is position dependent, but the sub seems to need to be level in order for the bug to occur.

Time stamps at which the bug occurs 0:43 and 2:00



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    you have a nice voice :smile:
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    If you walking around the Cyclops can make it lurch, I just have one thing to say.... Maybe it is time for you to go on a diet. :smiley:

    I'm constantly surprised the Cyclops can survive the pressure of the depths if a diver can make it lurch like that. Though, to be honest, I shouldn't be surprised. Yesterday, I kept hearing these incredibly loud periodic explosions. It sounded like a Reaper Leviathan or Ridgeback was colliding with my Cyclops every few seconds. I exited the Cyclops to try and figure it out. Guess what it was.... It was the air bubbles from a brain coral coming up from below and hitting the Cyclops. If air bubbles can make explosions that sound like the impact of a Reaper, the Cyclops must have paper thin walls....

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    I think that is link to all your constructed stuff in Cyclops (plants, trash can...)
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