VR problem

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Since the new update, it has messed up Virtual Reality for me.
For context, I exclusively play using the HTC Vive and using an Xbox Controller.
Now since the Coffee update, the cursor has moved to the upper right of the screen while looking at a menu or inventory, which makes inventory management un-doable.
Now when not in inventory or menu's the cursor is then in the center like it is supposed to be.

As you can see in the image, the cursor is top right, now in the imgur link, it has 2 more images, one with inventory, the cursor is over the seaglide when I am looking straight.
I have tried everything to fix this problem. Delete Cache, reinstall, etc. Nothing has fixed it, it seems to me the update caused this problem.


Does anyone have any idea to fix this, or is it a known problem for VR controllers users right now?


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