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now the knife is all well and good the upgrades are ok and the repulser gun is also interesting but i'm still confused on why we don't have a harpoon gun or atleast the ability to make harpoons and just load them into the repulser or something like that with all these jumping lifeforms on land and in the ship why wouldn't i want to try to shoot them from afar instead of running at them and getting hit. kind of a drag always loading up with 4+ medkits with my whenever i explore places like this because the hit box and land controlls are a joke and i don't mean have us build a railgun or duel wield pistols either because i mean the computer has the smarts to let us build wetsuits and flippers due to the fact we are underwater 90% of the time but we have nothing concrete to defend ourselves nor using something like a net gun to catch food and im confused how this hasn't been implemented yet...im not asking for super harpoons to be able to take down those huge hunters but relaying on speed doesn't always work when dealing with those sand buggers


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    Two words: Propulsion Cannon.
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    Fathom wrote: »
    Two words: Propulsion Cannon.

    That plus crashfish or gasopod pod = grenade launcher.
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    Hell, even without crashfish, the Propulsion cannon is hysterical.

    Step 1: Grab one of the spider crabs if you're on land
    Step 2: Look towards the horizon
    Step 3: Remember that the optimum distance angle is roughly 45 degrees.
    Step 4: PULL!

    Then just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- *Splash*

    Edit: Anyway, looks like you only joined recently, so I'll let you know. The reason bigger guns haven't been introduced is because the devs were committed to building a game in which there's no straightforward weapons. It's very much an intentional part of the experience. It's not a case of "Well don't worry, the Thor-Envy Lightning Cannon is being developed Soon(tm)"
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    kinda think more knife upgraes like a acid or poison one knife + acid shroom = acidblade or knife + sulpher = poison/toxic blade. instead of just a hardend and thermo blade.
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    there was a piece of fan art that would launch gas-pods crash and floaters. also to be completely honest, having access to weapons especially in a sci fi setting would ruin the fear that the large aggressive creatures have (because you could easily kill them).
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    not saying op the new knives just add some more knife upgrades to make trying to fight more interesting.
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