[41483] - Precursor base dock bug?

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Hello, I have entered the Mountain Island Precursor base with my Cyclops. After walking through the Precursor base I left with the Cyclops. The problem starts when I leave the cyclops - I don't swim, because there seems to be no water. I just fall down to the sea bed and walk as if it was dry ground. If I leave the Cyclops in the P.R.A.W.N. suit, it works untill I leave the P.R.A.W.N. and try to swim. Then I walk the ground again, I can jump and I hear the footsteps on the sand.
The problem is I have saved the game while being inside the Precursor base. If I don't enter the cyclops, I can swim out just fine, but then I get this bug (<- see screenshots). My guess there is some kind of problem with the Precursor base dock sea level glitching with cyclops. I will try to do some more testing and will update this, but it would be great if someone could confirm this.

Ok this should be repeatable easily
I created a new survival game, made a Seamoth through the "nocost" console command, traveled to Mountain Island and repeated the issue with Seamoth - entered Precursor base dock with Seamoth, went through base, returned to Seamoth, entered it, went out of Precursor base, left Seamoth and fell down to the ground/seabed.

The main problem with this is - it persists within the savegame, so if you save your game after you go through the Precursor base dock, you're stuck with walking the seabed (unless there is a console command to fix this)

more update:
Tested some more and this time I fell out of the Seamoth (near the Precursor base), but didn't hit the ground, but fell 94m and hit another water surface (could breathe normally if I stayed at 94/95m) and couldn't swim back to 0m surface. This should be the proof it has something to do with the Precursor base dock, since 94m is the water level in the dock.


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    Allright, might have a solution for anyone who encounters this - stay in your vehicle and leave the area (I went like 500m away from the island) and go below 100m depth (better park your vehicle close to seabed, in case you couldn't swim after you leave it). There you should be able to swim again. The bug only seems to manifest in the Precursor base vicinity.
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    For me, the bug was still present when I returned to my alpha base in the Safe Shallows. I had to die and respawn for the sealevel to be fixed. See here for details.
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