Arctic Climate and Creatures (For funsies)

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No discussion about whether this is possible, please. This is just for fun! Share your own ideas! Biomes, Creatures, Concepts and all!


1) Slushy Shallows

Equivalent of the Safe Shallows, except not as safe. This is where little prey and small predators hide to keep away from larger predators. The closest thing to actual land this climate has. The surface has a very thin and easily breakable layer of slushy ice, so air is no problem here

2) Hairy Valleys

As the depth increases, there begins to be a change in flora and fauna as well as landscape. The first thing you will notice when you enter the Hairy Valleys is that there are many... well, valleys. Trenches dug up on the floor, ranging from big to small, singular to multiple, simple to complex. Inside these crevasses are various flora thriving within. These trenches ranges in depth, and it is possible to swim through the flora, sometimes they can reveal hidden cave complexes that go under the trenches, leading from one trench to another. Flora ranges from various sizes, though there is a pink-red colored flora that always fills the trenches, hiding the underground complex inside. The herbivores here range from small to big, but so do the predators. The ice here is a little thicker on the surface and requires a tool to break through

3) Arctic Shelves

Deeper yet, you begin to see strange occurrences... You may notice large sheets of ice floating underwater, sheets that should be on the surface. That is because they once were, before Sinkers called the parts their home. Sinkers are the opposite of floaters: instead of causing a thing to float, they are able to control their mass, causing things to sink. These creatures lay eggs on the surface and when they come of age they pick a sheet of ice and sink it to their desires. As they age, the deeper they go under. This creates an interesting display of ice sheets, and causes the thick, unbreakable ice on the surface to have gaps in them for you to find an use for air.

4) Iceberg Forest

Around the same depth lies the Iceberg Forest. These icebergs go so deep that they connect to the seafloor. These are where certain leviathans may hide, but also full of life.

5) Frozen Caverns

A single area, the Frozen Caverns is an extremely large dome of ice, carved out by creatures into a maze-like biome. Some areas are large, some small, but it's clear that the only possible way to get air is by Seamoth.

6) Crystal Ravine

The deepest point. Nothing but darkness.... or is there? Populating this ravine are alien purple crystals that pulsate with light. They light up, then fade, again and again. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they are the only source of light in this place of darkness. They are your best bet for seeing clearly... or if any predators are coming near you.

That's all I can think of thus far. Any other biome ideas welcome! Also creatures, flora, or other such things is greatly appreciated!


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