Critter eggs

SilkSpiderSilkSpider Join Date: 2016-10-22 Member: 223305Members
Does anyone know which creatures will have their respective eggs added in the future? Will all of them eventually get eggs?

I'm so happy reefback eggs are in the game. They don't spawn naturally, thus can only be obtained with the console, but that's good enough for me for now- reefbacks are the most awesome critters in the game. Seriously, baby reefbacks! Awesome!

I hope reaper eggs get added at some point, because then I could finally get revenge on those jerks. Abducting their unborn babies and locking them inside a tank! Funfun.

Question - do eggs spawned in the wild eventually hatch if you don't pick them up? I just wonder because I have never seen any egg shell pieces or baby critters in the wild.


  • SansTheSkelebroSansTheSkelebro Italy Join Date: 2016-04-27 Member: 216071Members
    There'll be a cutefish egg for players that bought the game before 1.0 and there'll be crabsquid eggs and probably also lava lizard eggs for everyone in the future, but there (most likely) won't ever be any reaper/sea dragon eggs. And no, eggs don't actually hatch in the world.
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