Player controlled drones on large servers

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In large servers, having ~10 v 10 battles gives an entirely different experience to play on smaller servers, and to competitive/gather play.

It'd be interesting if each team had a limit to the number of players they could have on the field at once - say 6-8. The players that were waiting to respawn as actual marines/aliens, would instead respawn as low health drones with a shorter respawn timer. On a 24 player server, a team would have 6-8 "players" + 4-6 drones.

The alien drones would be nibblers with 10 hp & a bite that did 15 dmg.
The marine drones would be flying drones, with 10 hp and a shotgun that did 10 dmg.

[EDIT] The drones would probably spawn directly from hives and command chairs.
Perhaps with the marine drones also being able to spawn from robotics factories.
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