Rare Secret Creatures, to encourage furthur explorations (caves)

MisterYoonMisterYoon Join Date: 2012-08-18 Member: 155747Members
I find cave systems of Subnautica simply gorgeous.

But the reality is, players don't actually have any reason to take risk to explore those caves. There are no rare creature or rare chunks.
Sometimes Sea Crown, yes, but nothing more. This means, beauty is the only reason to explore deep caves.

So why not adding some exclusive variations of currently existing creatures and put them randomly into some deep caves? Blue Garryfish, Giant Peeper, Cute/Friendly Baby Leviathans(of all three, hidden from outside) etc.

These will encourage players a lot to dive into caves, while making caves themselves more vivid than just a eye-candy cargo of some static plants.
It would be also great for future steam-achievements.

p.s. we need holefish school! On the first trailer we see holefish school but we've never had it.


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