theyoutuberbrotherstheyoutuberbrothers Join Date: 2016-09-12 Member: 222263Members
please add in multiplayer with up to 10 players like if you agree


  • scouttsscoutts Victoria, BC Join Date: 2016-07-28 Member: 220747Members
    Don't think the current world is big enough for ten players. I think it would be nice to add in some AI players to interact with but given how easy it would be to slow the game to a crawl if even 2 players have 2 bases each, they need to work on performance first.
  • DrownedOutDrownedOut Habitat Join Date: 2016-05-26 Member: 217559Members
    It's been confirmed that multiplayer will not be implemented.
  • Kingdolphin510Kingdolphin510 Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222242Members
    try a poll instead of a discussion if you want backers
  • TakezacheezeTakezacheeze Join Date: 2016-09-19 Member: 222426Members
    10 players is honestly way too much in my opinion, i feel like 2 or 3 would be best.

  • CAPSHAWCAPSHAW Nevada Join Date: 2016-09-29 Member: 222692Members
    I don't know how well your Xbox renders this game. I have an unmodified console and the framerate is terrible, and the rendering is just as bad. I know it will get better as the developers progress, but imagine two players drifting apart, and the Xbox having to render twice as much. I don't think the state of the game is ready for two players. I would love to have 3 players to fill up the Cyclops with, but it is not ready yet.
  • Angelic_RazgrizAngelic_Razgriz USA Join Date: 2016-05-23 Member: 217379Members
    The devs have stated several times that right now there is NO plans for multiplayer
  • Noah1955Noah1955 Wisconsin Join Date: 2016-07-07 Member: 219780Members
    Developers aren't working on multiplayer for subnautica, they want to keep it singleplayer because they want everyone to die and you to try surviving on Planet 4546B (if i said it right) and if they change the story to where if they have "survivors" they would already have multiplayer added along time ago. But if they add multiplayer it would take along time to do it, but on XBox one it would be interesting but Xbox + Subnautica and Laptop (which ever you have) + Subnautica they're gonna have the same story on Xbox and on Laptop but I wish we could have multiplayer too but I kinda like the story where "your the only survivor" thing, but if xbox gets multiplayer and Laptops don't well lets just say everyones gonna be Jealous and scream for multi player on laptops XD I would like this discussion but I wanted to make this comment to the reason why theres no multiplayer. ALSO this comment is NOT for offence but if it did offence you or the commenters if they were hoping for multiplayer badly sorry to burst your bubble. but yeah

    Have a Great day! ~Noah1955
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