Enhancing the armory - or " Nah. swim away fishy. I want to be lonely! Shoo!"

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"Welcome friend, have a seat and help yourself to some cooked peeper with chinese potato and a cup of coffee."
"Nighttime approaches, we have plenty O² and the bioluminescence from the garden is beautifull."

Many threads suggesting or outright "demanding" the implementation of deadly firepower ranging from simple spears and harpoons to assault rifles, shotguns o0 to some kind of railgun,rocketlaunchers or even six barreled miniguns .... -.- .... yeah....

Taking into account that you were aboard an engineering vessel and not a militaryship and that blueprints for actual firearms had been removed from the fabricator units, we have to work with whats on our disposal
I and lots of other players are fine with that.

I, personally, could however go along with Spears and simple harpoons, just because putting a pointy end to a stick to increase reach is one of the oldes tricks in the book of mankind, so attaching a knife to a metalpipe shouldn't be that hard even for a crashlanded engineer^^ One could argue it will be rather impractical to fiddle a 2m/~6,5ft. pole through the hatches into the confined corridors, yes good point
and leaving it outside sticked into the ground.... well, one day you'll probably see a stalker trying to spear a peeper with your spear wich was missing the other day xD

So, no. My approach is more in line with the way we are able to upgrade certain pieces of our equipment allready now.
i.e. we can upgrade a standard knife into a heatblade or a hardened blade - both require a standard knife and additional materials.

You still with me? glad you are :)"Here have another cup of coffee friend."

I agree, the tools we have are getting the job done but we are engineers.
We are bound to improve on stuff.

Stasisrifle variants - both would need the standard stasisrifle and would be crafted at the... urmm..workbench

1. Electrorifle -
In the book twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Captain Nemo at some point invites his guests to join him on a special hunting trip.
They gear up and are handed electrorifles that fire, by pressurized gas, small glass projectiles wich sent out a electroshock upon impact deadly for small/medium fauna.
But during the trip the party has to hide from a schoal of big sharks passing over them.
Given that we don't want to kill creatures just following their nature right out of hand, we tuned down the power by good measure.

Ingame version would be powered with a battery as usual but loaded with a prefabed magazine useing the "F" key - ten rounds each,medium to high~ish projectile speed, materials could be glass, silver, copperwire, titanium silicone rubber, batteries.
Effect would be not to kill but to shock and repell predators like stalkers,bone- and sandsharks.

2. "Stink"-rifle -
A variant of the sasisrifle that utilizes gasopod gas pods as ammunition - three to five round magazine, rather slow projectile speed given the unstable nature of the gas pods that either detonate on impact or after traveling a certain distace - leaving a noxious cloud repelling predators. Materials could be gas pods, acid shroom, glass, silicone rubber, titanium.

Again a non-lethal solution against predators, even larger ones like ampeel, crabsnake and scrabquids ^^ .

Propulsion-/Repulsiongun variants -

1. Sonicdevice -
A variation of the repulsorgun and would need one to be fabricated.
Upon activation the Sonicdevice emits a focused, coneshaped and rather shortranged sonicboom that disorientates and scares away predators.
Specialized soundfiles to mimic the subtle frequencies of certain predators come to mind as a kind of amunition loaded via the "F" key.
drawback could be that you attract said predators by overusing their "calls".
given that you in fact releasing a sonic shockwave into water, you too could experience negative effects like a slightly blurred vision with brighter/distorted colours, white noise etc. nothing serious but adding to atmospheric experience.
materials used... I have no idea actually aside from the ever important titanium, silicone rubber, wiringkits and so on.

Other devices -

Looking forward to the implementation of the Transfuser and DNA, certain variations of the Airbladder releasing sampeld - from flora & fauna and refined repellants into the water surrounding the player to ward of specialiced predators would be possible.

Mesmeric beacon - variant of the beacon that uses advanced techniques obtained by studying the Mesmer, scanning them, getting DNA samples, hatching them in the alien containment for further studies and so on.
Beacon would be deployed as usual, attracting the attention of a nearby predator, giving you time to get away.

That are my thoughts so far.

You made it this deep? You know you are well below crush depht by now. Thank you for exploring the abbysal deeps of the thread with me friend. Now back to surface and sunlight.

"Ah, the sun is rising again, the coffee is empty and the gardens beauty is fading."
"Your seamoth is charged." "Here take this cured reginalds and a few bottles of water with you."
"Farewell friend and honor the abyss."

(edit) Please accept my apologies for any spelling and grammar errors - english isn't my native language. :)

I invite you to leave critique and further suggestions .
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