Bases Steps?

scouttsscoutts Victoria, BC Join Date: 2016-07-28 Member: 220747Members
Since I'm at the end here, i'm focussing on building long term base and decorations :) Where I chose my initial base is a barely submersed area where I built a platform on top and an exterior grow bed for vegetables. Issue works but it shouldn't as the ocean with salt water laps over it. I have tried to build a platform step but can't get it to only go high enough that I can jump up to it...anyone else have experience creating some kind of step?


  • Tlroa893Tlroa893 Join Date: 2016-08-09 Member: 221113Members
    My last game I literally built on top of/next to the life pod. Used that top hatch to get up on my platform. Also had moon pool access down in the water.
  • scouttsscoutts Victoria, BC Join Date: 2016-07-28 Member: 220747Members
    Hadn't thought of the life pod but there are other higher elevation spots. Mostly I was trying to figure out how to make this particular spot work since it's right outside my base. Perhaps if the devs modified the action of jump to allow pulling up as well..we could tier the platforms to make a proper above water base. I think the vertical connectors need to be improved as well. They are incredibly tedious to make ladders work with.
  • Kingdolphin510Kingdolphin510 Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222242Members
    solar panels are your friend, no matter how many solar panels you think you need they aren't enough for every power using device you should have at least two (plus it makes your base look cool if you do it right)
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