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So far with each build, I have started from scratch and tried to build my little empire without using the Dev console on Survival. Until this build.

I love what the Dev's are building on, in regards to giving you just enough to survive without letting you start with a SeaMoth. In this the 3rd Xbox patch, it was even better. I was frustrated that the General Building and Alien containment were gone but really only because I had them..and it wouldn't let me scan the structures I already had or because of a glitch, not scan them at the new points. I restarted the's pre-release. It made survival a bit more tedious, and reliant on the gravsphere...which is a pain because it randomly disappears at times but more realistic.

1. I would suggest though that in the spirit of consistency, that we should be able to either repair or salvage wrecks and downed items. There is a bunch of nice scrap in those wrecks that should be more salvageable.

2. If we can make Fiber Mesh, how come we can't create a fishing net? It's actually much more believable than a gravsphere.

3. Fragment despawning seems to be an issue with each build. I was able to work around it until the Moonpool. It's a fairly critical upgrade in the path to be able to get the Seamoth to go deeper....there are too many wrecks that require a laser cutter which requires a diamond which is typically much deeper than is practical to go. If the reaper is hanging around the Mountain seems necessary to have the pressure depth and some kind of defense to have a chance to get it. First time i had to cheat was to get the second Moonpool fragment which I had but somehow despawned.

4. I still haven't made it inside the Aurora...took me forever to realize the entrance moved. I tried to enter the back...everyone knows how that went haha..but the front is unclear how to get in, the crab things are everywhere and the doorway needs to have the propulsion cannon? I think? I got there but didn't have that propulsion cannon yet or a way to defend against the crabs to explore and figure it out...knife takes forever with those jumpy bastards.

5. Performance. I know everyone knows but have to say it again...need an ability to lower sometimes takes several hours to find enough titanium to build a base properly. Not need to scavenge and that's because even swimming it sometimes takes 30 seconds for scrap to appear. You can swim...sit...spin....finally it renders...then pick up blah blah..rinse repeat. It serves my OCD well...but make it harder to find or something but to just have the graphics so slow it won't load, is painful.

6. New features. It's build three and I haven't discovered the Prawn suit yet...everyone seems to love it, but that's not my's that before we add stuff like terraforming fragments....before we can terraform?...or crash fish eggs....which I think is new...why do we need crash fish eggs? Do we put them in an alien containment in order to make more crash powder which has very limited uses, at least this far in the game? I keep seeing new elements but it would make more sense to me to be able to use crash powder for more things first...before adding the eggs.

7. I love the additional story item's in the beginning, makes everything a little more urgent....

8. I felt the fragment progression was much more well planned and made it more enjoyable to play. I don't like getting the superweapon right makes you claw for survival....fragment glitch not withstanding....

Loving the game so far...hopefully dev console is disabled in true survival....great to fix a bug but not nearly as enjoyable with it in a survival mode game.


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    You do realize you can get diamond without going into the water?
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    Diamond can be obtained with little effort from the Mountain Island, Underwater Islands, Grand Reef, and 1st Blood Kelp Zone. An (un-upgraded) Seamoth is advisable, but not necessary. And the reaper at the Mountain Wreck is near, but not nearly as near as people think. My preferred route is to find the archway in the Southern Mushroom Forest (at the border with the Koosh Zone) and go North (at ground level!) from there. At the end, you should spot the reaper up to the left, while you need to go down to the right. I have gone to the MW plenty of times since the Power Nap update and never seen the reaper anywhere near the wreck or been attacked by it en route.

    You don't need the pressure compensator either. The wreck can easily be reached with the Cyclops or PRAWN suit, which seems to me to be the intended "game flow". The Aurora's freebie pressure compensator for the Seamoth combo'ed with the Seaglide as inbetween transport should also work.

    Actually, I think the devs compensated for the removed secret entrance by making the front entrance more easy to find. I couldn't find it before because of a fake beach, but they've incorporated that now. It's still a trip up and I have some worries about new players noticing the fallen beam because I know I had trouble with that at first too, but it's mostly fair. The game expects you to arrive without propulsion cannon (you can just run past the crawlers), hence the fragment on the ground to give you a hint. Finding the other fragments is a matter of following the lifepod signals.
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    I was assuming that you wouldn't have the Cyclops yet, or unupgraded Seamoth pressure compensator so you are limited to 200'. Thanks for the tip on Diamonds..that helped quite a bit.

    As for the Aurora mission, took me forever to find the doorway. There is what looks like a doorway straight up from the ramp, I put out the fire etc etc..just couldn't seem to get there. After all that looking around I finally stumbled on the real doorway. It was fun inside the Aurora exploring. Felt satisfying to get everything there.

    Next step is the Prawn Suite. I just need to grab my aluminum oxide and I'm ready to go.
  • DrownedOutDrownedOut Habitat Join Date: 2016-05-26 Member: 217559Members
    Right now the Cyclops parts are still easy Mushroom Forest grabs. I got all required fragments before I even realized it while visiting a lifepod & the wreck. It might be tiered-up in the future, but for now it's a low-effort acquisition.

    I can image that door is confusing. As I said, I used to be unable to take the front entrance and always used the secret one, then made my way to the front for the goodies. That's the only reason I know the layout. And then I had trouble returning because I couldn't re-find the fallen beam. Add to that all the crawlers and fire and it's not the most encouraging exploration the game has to offer (until you get inside, at least). Some PDA tips like "If you're not properly equipped, the wise course of action is to outrun them" could help communicate to new players the area is accessible.
  • scouttsscoutts Victoria, BC Join Date: 2016-07-28 Member: 220747Members
    edited September 2016
    I stasis rifle and knife the shit out of the crab things...and the suckers...takes a lot longer but boy it's satisfying.
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    Well one can usually prioritise what needs to be done my first order of affairs is usually air tanks,food..yes i run after the little !$%# scanner knife suit and scan everything i can get even if it means floating on top of an area all night eating my cookies..dive dodge little bitters and sandsharks. once i get my hands on a propulsion's smooth sailing the vehicle bay and suit will get my seamoth built even before my first housing is set down. build markers and look for a good place to start.

    I'm in Hardcore all the way and so far i,ve done this a few times. my only issue is rendering being slow and when you're moving in a moth i've lost my sub crashing in a coral reef flying outta my cockpit with still the steering wheel in my hands a few times.
    I only want 3 things done,
    #1fix the disappearing cyclops
    #2 The rendering of the land mass faster.
    # 3 huge slowdown lag style when using certain items like the propulsion gun in the abandon cavern base.
    Ps.. would it be possible to get sonar to ping objects like crashes or leviathan classes?
    I applaud everybody for making this game what it is. keep it up devs kick the hell outa the program and kill !!! those bugs.
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    I find the new fragment progression sort of odd. I found all the Seamoth fragments before the MVB. I also have Cyclops bridge and hull fragments before a Moonpool, Stasis Rifle, or Prop Cannon. Also, I don't think you should need to go to the Island to get the Multipurpose Room. Other than that, however, this game is better than ever and I can't wait to get a PRAWN Suit.
  • DrownedOutDrownedOut Habitat Join Date: 2016-05-26 Member: 217559Members
    You don't need to go to the FI to get the MP room. I got mine from the JSC. They were right under the entrance too, while I was expecting them to be only at the abandoned base (I was in the JSC for magnetite for the compass. Wasn't searching at all for the MP fragments).
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