@devs - two game crashes tonight, other bugs

bparkerson04bparkerson04 Join Date: 2016-08-21 Member: 221564Members
In the time since I bought the game almost a month ago, I can only recall having experienced one game crash prior to the latest patch.

Just this evening, my game has crashed twice.

I have discovered multiple fragments inside each other; they are fragments that look like combination safes. There will appear to only be one there, but when you begin to scan, there are 3-4 of them nested within each other.

Mushroom forest framerate is awful

Game needs a map

Finding fragments is a bit difficult in this latest patch.


  • scouttsscoutts Victoria, BC Join Date: 2016-07-28 Member: 220747Members
    edited September 2016
    Also had one crash this evening, just patched and restarted today. Also had multiple fragments. Had moonpool but it disappeared and was magically replaced by the general room which is great if the moon pool fragments are still around to be scanned. Edited..2 crashes tonight now.
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