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Resources collecting in this game seem out of balanced to me for i'm mainly always looking for sliver all the time. Where as stuff like crash powered and Lead go obsoleted once you required them for the item you need to craft. Actually i don't think i need to find lead as pod 7 gave me a free radiation suit, so i didn't need to do any collecting to make it.

The crates are seem to be giving out to many waters, first aid kit, batteries and power cell. i farm the crates for signals as i only seem to be getting pod location from the radio. maybe give them other items in their rotation?

can the seaglide be 2 squares long and 4 squares down as i have 3 air tanks and a seaglide in my inventory and their a spot where my highlighted box will not go when i'm trying to dropping item out it sea when im full. i posted a picture of where the issuse is.

also i had a missing crash fish not spawning and missing air bubbles when i going up to the surface. video are

can we get an overlay map in the PDA as i like to set way point of areas i might not of visited yet as i get turned around easy in this game as i can't seem remember pathway as i do in other games, map can't be accessed until you get compass.

i loved that you taken out the multipurpose room from the start as it made me use the other stuff more and made more interesting base design

hopeful this will become helpful as i'm still playing as i'm doing this and update with new stuff, i come across


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    also seaglide doesn't seem to change in power drainage with the light on or off, i would expected it to drain faster with it on and it seem to drain a lot faster then other updates.

    gravsphere are dissappering again if left out and leaving the area

    Red kelp area seem to be drained from any sandstone outcrop, only kelp cave system seem to be the only spawning point for them
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    Lead is actually a pretty handy resource once you get nuclear. I'm always searching for lead like it's the holy grail.
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