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    I wouldnt mind waiting a while for multiplayer
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    darng97 wrote: »
    Petition for Multiplayer! I wanna see how many people are interested in subnautica multiplayer(maybe the developers wanna know too!)

    Make a new Poll for this ;)
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    Multiplayer needs to Happen Mostly For XBOX People
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    Ahah you tools over there still have not made this mp? I bought this game in dec 2014 when it came out, i said its a brilliant game! But to my dismay it was neither mp or co-op after a while i told my friends not to get it, we all play mp together so you lost around 9 customers, why do you think ark survival got so popular.
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    Anytime soon? We NEED a multiplayer option. STOP adding new items and get on working multiplayer support. Singel player games die fast, it looks like same happening soon with subnautica if multiplayer support not coming. I like this game and my friends too but in singel players its finished game allready.
    If you look stats how many ppl playing subnautica, its lowering everyday. It dosent need to support many players but nice will be 10 players. Its make me and my friends sad every time we see something new added to game and its not multiplayer option.
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    Im pro on co-op myself but the dev has a point there is absolutely no reason to add something that revamps the game and takes an excessive amount of time when the game itself still holds a decent amount of bugs and glitches now dont get my wrong here i enjoy the game a lot but im not exactly satisfied with some of the glitches ive encountered so hold off on making anything that add too much to the workload and add small patches as well as small ideas to the game
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    I hope I'm not the first person to suggest it, but just in case... Do a Kickstarter to fund the multiplayer team. You know all the reasons that give this idea 100% chance of success, so I will leave it at that.
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    i'm willing to wait those months to be able to play this beautiful game with my wife... explore the depths of the ocean, to share with her a planetary eclipse from a mountain island floated on giant jellyfish. To show her the many wonderful things that float or bite in the deep, also to share in the terrors that the sea emperors and leviathans bring.
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    madmeix wrote: »
    Singel player games die fast, it looks like same happening soon with subnautica if multiplayer support not coming.

    The following games are not "dead".
    • Bioshock Infinite
    • GTA5
    • Half Life 2
    • Civilization 5
    • Dead Space 3
    • Skyrim
    • The Witcher 3
    • Dishonored
    • Watch Dogs
    • The Last of Us
    • Dying Light
    • Dead Rising 2
    • Life is Strange
    • ...

    I could still go on. Titanfall is also a great game, but it still got a lot of hate. The reason for that is that you could only play it in multiplayer. The Titanfall devs have promised to add a singleplayer campaign in their next game, Titanfall 2.
    Anyway, the point that I'm trying to make is that it is in fact games which you can only play in multiplayer which have a bigger probability of dying fast. Picture the scene: you find out about an old multiplayer game which captivates you and you buy it; and then you get sad because nobody's playing it anymore, which will stop you from playing it too. You desperately look for a singleplayer mode and get even more sad on finding out that there isn't one.
    This is a common scene among multiplayer games. When many people get bored of one, the rest who aren't yet bored of it can't play it anymore, and they can't do anything about it. In the case of singleplayer, there'll be those who get bored and those who won't, and the game is still played years after its release.

    Of course Multiplayer only games have a shorter life. Yet half of the games you listed have Multiplayer. So I don't understand your point. Adding multiplayer to Subnautica would only increase it's value and appeal. Making it Multiplayer only would be a horrible idea, you are right. Did someone suggest making it MP only?
    The two things I want most don't require any additional content. Multiplayer and better VR support. Subnautica has a lot of content and gameplay already. The more the merrier, as far as content and people playing with you. Those two things would attract more buyers, not any additional content.

    That being said, I am in no way saying that content is a waste of time or should stop being implemented. VR is basically in the game but completely unpolished a.k.a. unusable. This is a big issue, because the steam store still claims it has Oculus support. In a few months, a lot of people are going to be buying then returning Subnautica unless VR is touched up soon. When you search for the small amount of VR games that do exist on steam, sorted by rating, Subnautica is near the top because it's a good game. The next large wave of purchasers are going to be looking for VR and I would hate to see Subnautica get a bunch of negative reviews on Steam because VR is unpolished at best. People are going to buy it for VR, see what it's like, write a negative review and return it once the next wave of Oculus Headsets are shipped. I own a Vive, and would love support, but I bought Subnautica last year.

    I'm speaking from experience. I bought Subnautica last year because it claimed it had/was going to have SteamOS support. I had bought my nephew a Steam Machine for Christmas and titles were limited. When I asked on the forums I was told it wasn't happening and they never said it would. I then quoted the devs own stickied post where it did say that in the OP of that particular thread, and they apologized and changed it. I was upset and I was going to return it, but after playing it I experienced how much fun it was and kept the game.

    My point is people are about to buy Subnautica expecting VR support that is seamlessly integrated. Right now VR in Subnautica just is unuseable really, and a lot of people are going to return it as soon as they see that. I think it should be more of a priority than Multiplayer. Nowhere does it state multiplayer is going to be a part of Subnautica.

    So back on topic: Multiplayer would be good for the game. Just because it will eventually have no PUBLIC Multi player scene, does not mean PRIVATE multiplayer will go non-utilized. If multiplayer was added, I doubt most would be trying to find strangers to play with. It would only allow a handful of people at a time, and people who already know each other will utilize it the most.

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    Even though I never use VR, I would agree that the glitches on that should be fixed (though the devs are now focusing on getting the xbox version up to date with the pc version).
    Ecnahc wrote: »
    Just because it will eventually have no PUBLIC Multi player scene, does not mean PRIVATE multiplayer will go non-utilized. If multiplayer was added, I doubt most would be trying to find strangers to play with. It would only allow a handful of people at a time, and people who already know each other will utilize it the most.

    Now I'm all for that, but the point that I was trying to make is that if this happens, then sigleplayer mode should not be gotten rid of. The common point between all the games I listed is that all of them have singleplayer, and those who have multiplayer option decided to keep singleplayer. I have seen the contrary happen in other games. All I'm asking is for the devs to first finish what their priorities are ('cause multiplayer isn't one) and then go off and do anything (especially additional content) with the game once v.1.0 is released unless it's getting rid of singleplayer.
    Sorry if the point I made previously wasn't clear, I implied that the dude above me wanted a multiplayer option only.
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    I would rather see multiplayer in a sequel
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    Aegil wrote: »
    Seriously? Look it's not coming any time soon, if at all. We've stuck a fork in it, it's done. Continuing claims that Subnautica "must" have multiplayer will not change that. If you're that hard up for multiplayer survival, then play one of the thousand (it's called hyperbole, look it up) multi-player survival games and leave this one alone! Some of us LIKE single-player focus. Some of us don't WANT the concessions that inevitably come with multi-player functionality. Some of us enjoy THIS game, that rare and precious gem in a ever increasing glut of boring, tedious multi-player focused games, the SINGLE-PLAYER survival game.

    Thanks to the way steam does things, you often won't SEE that Single-player is one of the tags on the game, but it's there, trust me.
    Yeah, agreed. Love it being a lonely. Makes it more intense, more scary, more everything! I couldn't care less if it is ever multiplayer. I don't even play Ark: Survival in multiplayer because it sucks playing with a bunch of super gamers who want to grief everyone the run across.
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    I understand every ones views on the multiplayer/single player aspect. However, most games that offer a co-op or multiplayer also have a single player option (it's the base option for most games when you have no friends or simply hate playing with others). Seemingly the game is ballztastic, so moving on to adding multiplayer shouldn't be that much of a big deal for peeps to constantly flame one another about how the game should be.
    Basically, you are deterring those that enjoy playing with friends away from, as someone stated, such a "nice gem"

    It's simple, have the single player/campaign mode for those that have to play alone and have multiplayer/co-op for those that wish to play with their friends. Wouldn't even have to make it PvP to start, or ever... *Could always be 4 people in the crashed ship instead of 1*

    Math is hard. Single player (x # sold), Multiplayer/co-op (y # sold)

    x= $ (introvert fun)
    y= $ (extrovert fun)
    x+y= more $ *oddly with a remainder of friends having fun together in an amazing environment!*
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    Yeah but to say "stop adding features until you add mp" is just...clearly the OP hasn't bothered to read what the devs have said on this topic.
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    do it like don't Starve Together but a DLC for Subnautica.
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    That's been put out there as a possibility. The devs have said they want mp, but right now the focus is to finish the game. Adding mp is neither easy nor cheap.
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    This guy who likes to disagree doesn't actually participate in discussions at all, oddly enough. So by all means, disagree away....But maybe you'd care to explain what you disagreed with in my previous comment because I am genuinely curious.
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    Make it have 2 game modes in the same game no added dlc or at least make it free dlc cause then everybody how wants to play it wouldn't have to buy it also when will multiplayer come out now this was posted 11 months ago. (Update Please)
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    I have watched playthroughs of this games over and over and i absolutely love the game because its the kind of game you could just let your imagination run wild. However, since it is not completed yet I am afraid to get it. A big decision maker on whether i should get it or not may rest on the multiplayer and i really hope the team decides to move forward with it in time. If they do this game would be one to buy, but until i there is commitment i will hold back. It is still an excellent game and i look forward to future updates.
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    Mikerosoft wrote: »
    I thnik that you shoud not working for the multiplayer yet! I mean i really wanna play this game with my friends and of curse it woud be soo cool BUT i thnik it woud be like "The Forest" multiplayer bugy and not really beable to play!

    I agree that they should not work on it yet, but The Forest is a game that is also in early dev so of course there will be bugs as they work on the single player and multiplayer side by side. And as working side by side they have to work more to produce less. So as i stated multiplayer should come, but at a reasonable pace behind singleplayer. Because i too would like to play this game with a friend.
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    I agree with many of the points brought up here but I believe it wouldn't be good with huge servers like ARK, I think if you and like two friends could play it that would be great !
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    Of course, multiplayer would be amazing. However, I have to agree with a couple of points, although if you mean making a separate game later on just for multiplayer, I would disagree. Another point that I would like to add is that not everyone likes playing with random people they don't know, so if you were to add multiplayer, there could be an option for us loners who stick with only one other person. So maybe an invite only option and an open game option. This way, once again if you were to add multiplayer, the players who don't like multiplayer can play by themselves and the players that would enjoy multiplayer would both be happy.

    Thank you.
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    Start a kickstarter campaign for a Co-Op DLC. With kickstarter funds you could hire more devs dedicated to the MP portion, then put it up for sale for 10$ as DLC. I don't know anyone that would complain about that.
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    encodoc wrote: »
    Start a kickstarter campaign for a Co-Op DLC. With kickstarter funds you could hire more devs dedicated to the MP portion, then put it up for sale for 10$ as DLC. I don't know anyone that would complain about that.

    The "separate game later" for multiplayer isn't actually that bad. If you're familiar of what Klei did with Don't Starve Together, you'd see this. Basically, it would be a separate game you can buy, HOWEVER, if you already own the single player subnautica when the MP game comes out, you get the MP one for free. This is what happened with Don't Starve Together, and it worked fine. Sure, it'd be nicer to have an all-in-one package, but at times, you can't have the nicest things in life, and have to settle with, "nice"
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    dont't be assholes. We allready payed for the game. If you add multiplayer, you can bump up the price like minecraft did after the official release. But I'm not gona pay extra for a feature that should have been in the games in the first place.
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    I just fired this up today and fell in love with it again. *sigh* So pretty. I was struck again by just how much id love to share the experience with my partner. Oddly enough not being able to share that experience did feel quite lonely.
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    Extremely dissapointing but certainly understandable!

    If ya gotta choose to stall the game's progression to add in a Multiplayer feature then the answer is pretty clear indeed.
    Also ive got a feeling that you guys will also continue to work on the game even after V1.0 is out so that is much time invested before even thinking of Multiplayer .....

    At least now we are fixed, no MP is coming to the game. Also ive got a question for you @Flayra , have you guys considered opening the game to modders? some people are extremely talented, for example i couldnt imagine Skyrim without mods nowadays ..... like for example after the game is out :smiley:
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    That's gonna upset a lot of people, but if that's what you want to do I'm sure you'll have a lot of support from the community. Good luck :smile:
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