Enabling Controller Broke Menu Navigation

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I enabled the controller through the menu and not only does the controller not work, it causes the mouse to bound to the center of the screen. I cannot select anything with the mouse, to include Options to disable the controller.

Also, any attempt to map buttons results in it auto-mapping to "ControllerDPadRight" and that's with literally every peripheral unplugged except the mouse.


  • HonkyKongHonkyKong United States Join Date: 2016-07-14 Member: 220210Members
    I have the same issue.

    I am accessing the game through Oculu Home. I installed update 67.

    I initially launched the game in desktop mode and had no problem. I then decided to play some with the rift and exited and then launched in VR, still no problem. The next time I tried to play, I launched in desktop mode and the mouse was locked to the center of the main menu and the controller was unresponsive. I then went into a file and disabled the controller which did allow the mouse to move again. However, when I attempt to open my save nothing happens at all. It doesn't even seem to knowledge the mouse click. I can still access my save through VR mode with the controller so it does not appear to be corrupted.

    I messed around testing some more. After I go in and manually disable the controller and then go back to the main menu I can then check the box to enable the controller and the cursor immediately snaps back to the center of the screen and the controller is unresponsive.
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    Happened to me too. Trying to find the stupid config files to turn off the damn controller. Freaking console game! I had no idea this was a console game or I wouldn't have bought it! Damn xbox forever.
  • entropyjonesentropyjones somewhere Join Date: 2016-07-30 Member: 220808Members
    So.. i guess there are no config files. Apparently I have to re-install the game because I accidentally turned the stupid controller on and I don't have one plugged into my computer. Because I'm a pc gamer and not a stinking xbox console dork!

    Ugh.. you know what.. Screw it I want a refund. I hate console ports.
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