curent gerator ,or grative genator does

BatkVampire39BatkVampire39 new york Join Date: 2016-05-25 Member: 217515Members
does it recharge my stuff


  • Forsaken_TagForsaken_Tag Under the Sea Join Date: 2016-05-20 Member: 217117Members
    no it a way to boost you though tunnels or to push away fish away from you base as a defense type system
  • sPeaRr0sPeaRr0 Canada Join Date: 2016-04-01 Member: 215153Members
    Grav sphere is a futuristic fishing net. Current generator is a box that pushes water in a straight line. I guess in theory a current generator and some of those recharge flippers could be what you want.... Or just skip the current generator. Lol
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