Our clan (TAW) always seeks new members

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Hi everyone,

let me introduce you to our clan: The Art of Warfare (TAW). The whole clan is HUGE (currently 2500+ players, numbers rising), but partitioned into several games, particularly NS2 (where we are 40+ players atm). TAW sticks out to be highly organised and filled with nice and well-mannered people. What you don't find here are the usual squabbles, racism, sexism, messing that goes on...

We kept the number of players above 40 for over a year now.

And still we are always looking for friendly people, who enjoy cooperation and communication during their games. The requirements to join us are pretty easy to fulfill:
1) Don't be a jerk
2) Have a microphone
3) Attend our gaming sessions on a weekly basis (all of our players are active, which is an important part for us)

If you want to play NS2 regularly with a focus on teamplay and fun, TAW is the perfect place for you.

We play organised twice every week (Wednesday and Sunday).

We have internal tourneys, trainings and explore the game together, as mods come out.
We also brought three(!) competitive teams to the NSL in the last season, if you are looking for that kind of thing.

If you are unsure, you can check us out first and guest in one of our gaming nights. For a more detailed look you can also watch this recording of a recent match in one of our internal tournaments.

Just message me on steam or reply here, if you are interested.

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    You just had to link that particular game didn't you, out of all those recorded games... :((
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    Why not.. such a brilliant 1% fail (or save) :D
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    I gave the original post a small update and this whole topic a bump - we (TAW) never stopped looking for players, so if you are interested in a community of friendly guys to play with, check the above!
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    Thanks to one of our newest members - Wizards - we have now a server located in NA. Starting from there, we have some big plans:

    We plan on spinning up a North American branch of TAW (called a Battalion in TAW-jargon).

    This Battalion would be connected to TAW of course, but overall an independent community of EU-TAW. Currently we are searching for the members to make this happen.

    So, if you live in NA-timezones and are interested in creating your own community to play NS2 the way it is suppossed to be played: this is your chance! Being part in the NA-Battalion you will have weekly gaming sessions with people you know and quickly become friends with. You will play the game with a strong focus on teamwork and everyone being in the same voice-chat-channel.

    The EU-part of TAW is here to offer their experience in organising such gaming sessions. We also provide the infrastructure behind: like a Teamspeak-Server and a system to manage your members (taw.net) - all up and running and ready to use for our American friends.

    Currently the EU-folks meetup on our public North American TAW-server each Saturday evening, starting at 6 EST (midnight in CET) for recruiting purposes. This will change however, as soon as there are enough American players in TAW: from thereon you will organise your own gaming sessions, scheduled at a time, which fits you guys best.

    If you are interested in this just drop by at Saturday evenings and we can chat about it. Or you visit us on our EU-timed sessions (2 PM EST on Sundays/Wednesdays) to see what you can expect once the NA-Battalion is established. You can also just throw me a message here, or on steam.
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    I am not interested in joining your clan, but I was to express my appreciation for an NA server. I had some good games there the other day.
    From my perspective UWE has been trying to both with what little resources they have given to the game. They don't have an AAA budget, let alone an indie game budget. They have the budget of a game that has been out 6 years. I want to say, don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing. I just don't think they have the resources to do it. Unlike many of the people on the forums, I guess I am just happy they are at least trying even though I may not like what they end up doing.
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    Just giving this thread a little bump:

    TAW is - as always - still looking for players. It doesn't matter if you just bought and want to learn the game or you are a seasoned competitive veteran.

    We are joining up on our own servers and on teamspeak each Wednesday/Sunday 20 CEST. Drop by and check it out. With a focus on fun, teamwork and communications we have a nice time in TAW. Besides these "basic" meetings we additionally started to play a lot of mods recently for all the folks, who are interested in that.

    Just contact me here or on steam, if you want to drop by and see what all the fuzz is about :)
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    Hey, I am new, but catch on quick.

    I am interested in playing with a team that uses teamwork (or at least voice without BOT commanders)

    You can find me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/ComradeJoecool

    I will send you a message there too.
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    Send you a request on Steam.
  • ComradeJoecoolComradeJoecool USAMembers Join Date: 2016-05-02 Member: 216258Posts: 4
    Thanks a bunch. Got it. Based on your times for play I think that works out to about 1300 my time.

    So since I work, Sunday may be our only bet to play together. Still, I hope it works out.
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    For those of you who still wants organized play... Contact Tudy, me or another TAW member... We play every wednesday and sunday at 20.00 CET on our own servers with our own Teamspeak.
    You don't need to be a member to come and play with us, guests are always welcome.
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