Gorge movement improvements

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The gorge movement could use some love. In its current state it is too stale. There is not much you can do to defend yourself in a fight and there is barely any room to improve oneself.

It has been suggested in the "official comp mod?" thread to add a strafe+turn+slide+jump mechanic.

I think it is a fun mechanic, that is satisfying to use and to improve at. I'm not sure if the problem with not implementing it, is because it is non intuitiv and you don't want a huge skill gap between new players and veterans, but you could add it, but nerf it by a lot, so that it improves you just by a bit.

And there is more you can do to make the gorge movement more satisfying. For example you could make it possible to jump into belly slide. If you shift hold for belly slide midair in current vanilla, you will first land and then slide. Why is not so, that you can jump into belly slide, which rewards you when jumping down slopes. It is non intuitiv that you can't do that and it makes me angry.

You could also reduce the time you're unable to do something after pressing belly slide. Maybe even make it so your abilities aren't blocked at all when belly slidng.



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    Bhop is a gimmicky unnatural movement that makes no sense at all to implement to improve Gorges moveability when there are other possibilities. Also do Gorges need another buff at this point?
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    --> pistol time axe time welder time riflebutt time
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    It needs a fun buff.
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    Gorges need to be more fun.
    From my perspective UWE has been trying to both with what little resources they have given to the game. They don't have an AAA budget, let alone an indie game budget. They have the budget of a game that has been out 6 years. I want to say, don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing. I just don't think they have the resources to do it. Unlike many of the people on the forums, I guess I am just happy they are at least trying even though I may not like what they end up doing.
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    maybe make it so gorges can place structures/rt as well as the comm - they would have to use their own res for it
    or make comm abilities only + some other stuff
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