How can I revert my account to rookie? I started playing before all the rookie changes

GitroGitro UK Join Date: 2015-12-11 Member: 209878Members
I started playing before the rookie changes and now it's getting harder and harder to have a good time in NS.
The only servers I can play have amazing good players and I can't really keep up.
I've had a lot of fun playing one night when server was mostly rookies.

Can I reset my hive score so I can join in on rookie servers?


  • GitroGitro UK Join Date: 2015-12-11 Member: 209878Members
    This is my server list

    The servers with best ping are usually all rookie and I can't join them.
    So I have to join the pros with 180 ping, and then I just die in impossible ways, like peeking out from a corridor and I die in half a second.
    Or my shots don't even register, I have skulks biting me from 2 or 3 meters away
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    I would advise joining any Rookie Friendly servers as it allows a mix of both skill sets, if you are really struggling, feel free to add me on steam and I'll take you through basics in becoming a fast walking, straight talking, hip firing cowboy.
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    Gitro wrote: »
    Can I reset my hive score so I can join in on rookie servers?
    You can't. Otherwise any pro could do the same and rip rookies. It also looks like you progressed above Rookie status, so they might feel the same about you, that you feel about the seemingly "pro's" on non-rookie servers. We might be missing a middleground here. Yojimbo's proposal sounds like a good one. You could also try and seed a server on your own.
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    or come up with an extra ten bucks and a new steam account ;)
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