When is it coming out?

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Hey everyone, just saw this new forum here and thought I would be the first to start a discussion. It's been an amazing experience to see how this game has grown! And now, as I am sure most of you are aware, Subnautica is coming to Xbox One! Now this is an amazing display that shows the growth this amazing game has gained since the time of being just a new early access game in December of 2014 to a huge and wonderful game with a large following and great devs that is coming to a home console! For me personally this is great because I love Subnautica but do not have a great PC to play it, and so I end up mainly watching others play it on youtube. Now what I am sure most of us want to know is when it will be released for the Xbox One. Well, as following Subnautica through the many tools the transparent devs at unknown worlds allow us to view I have seen things like: controls for game pad, to planned release date sometime in March, and recently a submission letter for rating from the ESRB. I believe we will be seeing Subnautica come to Xbox for sure and grow an even larger fan base and make our wonderful community we have here grow quite a bit and eventually maybe even come to PS4, we will most likely see the Xbox release sometime mid-late March. Though who knows! Maybe even sooner.

My main reason I am writing this is to thanks the developers at unknown worlds, such as Charlie and Simon and Andi and all the rest of you guys, and all of everyone who has fallen in love with this game and have built this great community! Thank you and have a great March and the upcoming months to all! See you around!


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