Seamoth Upgrades + New Materials

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I think they should add two new arms to the moonpool with welders on them instead of magnets. These could be part of adding the seamoth upgrade console or a separate thing you have to install. These welder arms could do two things:

1. Fix your seamoth when you dock at the cost of energy

2. Allow physical enhancements to the seamoth instead of just putting modules in a access panel.
There would be two types of physical enhancements, seamoth material upgrade and physical add-ons.
It would make more sense if the seamoth pressure threshold was determined by the materials it is made of instead of putting something in a slot. Each material upgrade would be equivalent to one pressure compensator.


1st: 2 enameled glass (Replace glass on seamoth)

2nd: 1 plasteel ingot (Replace titanium hull)

3rd: (Replace glass again) the devs could add a new material: Aluminum Oxynitride. It is a see-through material that is more bullet -proof then glass laminate. Wiki here: They already have aluminum oxide in the game. That could just be refined into this material and give aluminum its first use.

4th: (Replace hull again) the devs probably already have an idea for a metal better than plasteel that could be the 4th upgrade.

This method of pressure compensation is more realistic and would add more technology progression in the game.

This would also develop a tier system for material:
Tier 1: Titanium and Glass
Tier 2: Plasteel and Enameled Glass
Tier 3: Unknown better metal and Aluminum Oxynitride

Hull Reinforcements and Storage solution should be a physical add-on instead of a slot upgrade since they are physical alterations. Once they add limited oxygen for the seamoth, then a seamoth oxygen canister would be included in this. There would be four spots for add-on's and would be located where the storage solutions are normally located. Thus you could have a build with 1 hull reinforcement, 1 storage solution, and 2 oxygen canisters. Torpedo bay would not be included in this because the torpedo are located in different locations and it is assumed that the seamoth has the bays already, they are just not active.

Additional physical add-ons:
Anchor Grapple - once currents are added your seamoth might drift away when you leave, so anchor it to the ground
Side-mounted Propulsion Cannon
Side-mounted Stasis Rifle

The module side of upgrades would still exist and they could add plenty more types of modules:
Thermal Energy Module - unlocked with thermal plant blueprints. Generates energy when the seamoth is in water at a temperature >15C. This would be useful for deep sea exploring due to thermal vents located in various places.
Oxygen Filter - Filters oxygen out of water at a huge energy expense (activated passive ability)
Temporary Speed boost- costs extra energy for a quick escape

This may seem like an op idea at first, but once they start adding tons of aggressive creatures in the deep, it will be necessary to have pressure compensation at max, hull reinforcement for armor and oxygen canisters so you can actually get down there, not to mention a way to defend yourself with the perimeter defense system.

If people have more ideas about modules, add-on's, or balancing please give feedback.


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    Hell, the repair function of the Moonpool would be awesome. The rest of those ideas look pretty cool too. I wouldn't mind some kind of grabber arm, that you can use to grab material and stuff in your Seamoth's storage bin, assuming you have one.

    Edit: Oh, another thing I'd like that's not necessarily a HUGE one. The ability to at least repair your Seamoth while it's docked in the Moonpool. Just pull out your welder and patch it, rather than having to deploy it, get out, and repair it.
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    The anchor grapple could also be used to move rocks that block cave entrances by anchoring to the rock and pulling on it with the seamoth.
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    It would be something to be able to repair the Seamoth while it's docked in the Cyclops bay. Jumping around in the docking bay with a welder while searching fruitlessly for a repair prompt is most undignified.

    Bit of an oversight on The Devs' part there.
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    I think they should move one of the upgrade slots to the other side of the seamoth and add 2 more so there will be a total of 6 with 3 on each side.

    This will allow you to not only add more upgrade modules but also allow the devs to create more types of modules to be used.

    Like a flare launcher, aux/emergency power unit (gives you 10-50 extra units of power), air tanks (lets you refill your suit tanks faster), harpoons (for gathering food), stasis module (deploys like the area defense), and a few others.
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    I would agree that if they don't do the "physical-addons" I mentioned, then they should at least give us more module slots. But I still think that pressure integrity should not be a slot upgrade but a upgrade to the seamoth itself.
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    I'd like the repair for power thing, or even the ability to use my welder on it.
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    I'd like the repair for power thing, or even the ability to use my welder on it.

    you can already use your welder on the seamoth to repair it :) Of course, the moonpool automatically repairing the Seamoth upon docking would also be cool. Itd be easy to implement also, just making it like, i dunno, 50-100 power cost to auto-repair the Seamoth, a function that could be disabled by the player if desired
  • Dracon1023Dracon1023 Join Date: 2016-02-07 Member: 212724Members
    I think currently you can't use a welder on a docked seamoth in a moonpool. You have to deploy it, then get out and weld it currently which is a bit of a pain.
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    A 4 tier system for pressure limits would surely be better than just 4 simple pressure modules. The look of the seamoth wouldn't have to be changed, just the material construction to be upgraded. This would also mean to search for a better tier system for every tier. Not just produce 4 upgrades. Far more fun to search for better materials than just gather titanium.

    So the plan could be to replace the single seamoth blueprint into 4 blueprints:
    - titanium, glass, circuitry, std power cell : the seamoth (1 additional upgrade slot + 8 cargospace)
    - plasteel, enameled glass, advanced circuitry, power lithium cell : the seasquid (2 upgrade slots + 16 cargospace)
    - reefback elastosteel, synthetic fiber strengthened glass, biochip, bioreactor : the seaturtle (3 upgrade slots + 32 cargospace + acid shield)
    - condensed matter, transparent aluminium (ALON), warper quantum chip, nuclear reactor : the seadevil (4 upgrade slots + 64 cargospace + thermal shield)

    that also means you have to build a complete new minisub at your constructor and thus a menu of 2 gets now a menu of 5.
    It also means hull integrity and damage depends on tier level.

    and other potential upgrades only available at certain tier level:
    - sonar (tier 2)
    - torpedosytem (tier 2)
    - O2 tanks, turns cargospace into O2 (tier 1)
    - electric defense system (tier 1)
    - stasis defense system (tier 3)
    - warp travel system (tier 4)
    - guided torpedos (tier 3)

    It wouldn't mean much additional artwork, but rather tech changes. Tier 2 could look like the seamoth with 2 sidecargos and Tier 3 will all cargos and maybe some retexturing to make it look biolike. Tier 4 would have a slightly changed model with dark textures.
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    Some tier idea addition as this could be generally used for cyclops, seamoth and exosuit:

    seamoth (maybe tier 1 - 3 only)
    exosuit (tier 2 -4)
    cyclops (tier 2 -4)

    depth limits:
    tier 1: ~ 250m
    tier 2: ~ 500m
    tier 3: ~ 1000m + acidresistant
    tier 4: ~ 2000m + acid & thermal resistant

    To get tier 3 you need bioresearch on reefbacks and other creatures or plants in the deep
    To get tier 4 you need warper and seadragon research and find lost Aurora high tech or tech from sunken alien wrecks
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    That is a pretty good spin on things. The one thing I have to say is if you make a better seamoth, you still have your old low-tech one hanging around. That is why I was thinking the moonpool welder arms (my other idea on this thread) could completely replace and upgrade the hull and glass on the seamoth so you aren't left with an old junky one taking up space. Being able to make the better tier seamoths from the mobile vehicle bay is a nice idea though, so I think it would be nice if you could both upgrade to a new tier, and make a new seamoth at a better tier.
  • Dracon1023Dracon1023 Join Date: 2016-02-07 Member: 212724Members
    I also like your idea of limiting the seamoth to specific tiers so that the seamoth has its specific uses for mid-range depth, and the exosuit is good for extreme depths where the player should actually be taking damage from pressure.
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    Dracon1023 wrote: »
    I think currently you can't use a welder on a docked seamoth in a moonpool. You have to deploy it, then get out and weld it currently which is a bit of a pain.

    Actually you can wield the SEAMOTH when it's docked in the moonpool. You just need to aim at the upgrade slots panel to repair
  • Dracon1023Dracon1023 Join Date: 2016-02-07 Member: 212724Members
    Did not know that. Thank you for informing me.
  • zetachronzetachron Germany Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Members
    In case the inactive lava zone gets strong currents, we could need engine upgrades or so called boosters that give subs extra speed linked to a button, but draining much more energy.
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