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How did NS1 work with no alien commander? I've read a couple times on the forums saying NS1 used gorges only or something to build things.


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    Players would need to save their pres to go gorge and drop a hive. Marines could drop chairs wherever, but aliens could only build hives at hive locations. Same for harvestors, offense chambers (kind of equivalent to hydras now), defense chambers (like crags), and movement chambers (similar to shifts).

    Rfk was implemented back then, so res wasn't as fixed as it is now.
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    Except that the first chamber droped by the first Gorge meant being restricted to that chamber until next Hive.
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    Also... Just to add a bit more info and of course slapping NS2 around for it's "unnecessary" complexity...

    DC, SC, MC didn't just fill the role of the Crag, Mushroom and Shift. They also functioned as the upgrades for aliens without the need for Shells, Veils and Spurs

    Place these anywhere on map:

    3x Defensive Chambers, 3x Shells
    3x Sensory Chamber = 3x Veil
    3x Movement Chamber = 3x Spur

    Gorge placed these and once a type was placed it automatically selected that one for the available unupgraded Hive. So in a way the Gorge was the commander and with that a newbie trap as well (accidentally placing the wrong upgrade structure :D ). Gorge also received more resources per tick to be able to save for Hives and structures. And there was no Team Resource.
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    The gorge pres advantage was removed in later versions though.
    Aliens also had the res pool. Imagine a invisible pool where pres overflowed in. So if I had 100/100 pres my pres went into a unseen global pool. That nub who just went fade and therefore had 0 res received the res I couldnt use.

    Marines had no pres. It was tres, all of it, always.
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    Waiting for the "NS1 was the better game, fu** UWE for releasing NS2" people now.

    Btw. these are the same people who whining about the low playerbase nonstop while everyone out there says that NS2 is still to complex and hard for casual.
    So while the more streamlined Version of NS is still hard for new players they want more players and a more complicated game at the same time.
    Makes sense.
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    The alien commander and the entire alien infrastructure in NS2 is much more complicated than that created by gorges in NS1.
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    Well NS1 is still there. Like many of its predecessor's.
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