Game is starting without a commander on both teams

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For example, when someone in alien team goes commander, a message is displayed ... Marines have 45 seconds to choose a commander ... then the game starts , even if there's no one commanding marine team .

I can't find the config to disable this . I don't want the game to start unless both teams have a commander .


  • woozawooza Switzerland Join Date: 2013-11-21 Member: 189496Members, Squad Five Blue
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    Open the file PreGame.json in your shine/plugins folder.

    and add: "AbortIfNoCom": true,

    and: "RequireComs": 2,
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    That still won't 100% stop the game from potentially starting with only 1 commander.

    If you want there to always have to be 2 commanders, disable the pregame plugin completely (shine/BaseConfig.json file, "ActiveExtensions" -> "pregame": false). Its entire purpose is to get the game started quicker at the possible expense of only one commander being present at the round start.
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