Spark Detailing Exercise #2: Spaceship

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This is a creative, visual exercise that is meant to help you get better at lighting and detailing your levels. There is no need to make your entry abide by unwritten NS2 mapping rules such as limited lines-of-sight, avoiding tactically OP hiding spots, etc.

When submitting your level in this thread, please post enough screenshots from various angles to show off your work, include links to the .level file (or the Steam Workshop page if you published it there), and links to any source material you used. If you do put your entry on the workshop, please use the following prefix for your mod: "ns2_sde2_" and state in its description that this is not a playable level. You are free to use concept art, photographs, sketches, or any other sources for inspiration as long as you include them in your submission post. Please try to include your thoughts and motivation for what you were trying to accomplish; point out what you were happy and unhappy with, etc.

Use this thread to post questions, discuss the theme, and eventually post your submission. Once submissions are posted, please try to discuss and post constructive criticism on each entry. If your submission isn't completely done by the end of the specified period, don't sweat it. Just post it, and we will try to provide feedback on what's there.

The rules may change in later exercises.

The theme of this first exercise is:

"The exterior of a spaceship built out of geometry and/or props, located in space. This can be any type of spaceship, be it a huge battleship or a small shuttle; contemporary or science fiction; original or based on concept art, or rebuild a famous movie ship."

Remember to consider what parts the ship might need, they will add a lot of functional detail! For example: thrusters for maneuvering, warp/hyperspace engines, a cockpit or bridge, fighter hangars on the side of a battleship, gun turrets, etc. Also consider the lighting carefully--the thing is up in space, after all.

I realize everyone is busy playing Fallout 4 or will be playing other big titles coming out soon, so I'm just going to put the due dates at about a month from now.

Restrictions: none. BE ALL YOU CAN BE
Earliest due date: friday the 11th of december
Latest due date: monday the 14th of december

- Design Cinema Ep. 83: Designing with Silhouettes
This is a really neat method to design things you would otherwise never come up with in Photoshop. You may not have Photoshop or know how to use it well, and being able to draw like him probably means you've got better things to do than partake in my little exercise, but even so it's a clever way of finding shapes and getting new ideas. I advise watching the whole thing, but the spaceship-relevant parts are here:
1.Making the spaceship silhouettes 2.Translating the silhouette into a sketch

- #spaceshipaday on twitter:
Jeff Zugale has done a ton of these, scroll down to october 2nd for the last one and work your way back if you feel like it.

- Elite: Dangerous ships

- Star Citizen ships
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