How Did You Discover Natural Selection/2?

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For me, I found the FPS/RTS hybrid genre after playing Nuclear Dawn and after setting out to find other games in the genre, I came upon NS2.


  • FrozenFrozen New York, NY Join Date: 2010-07-02 Member: 72228Members, Constellation
    Moddb after finding hl mods outside of cs and dod. Was shocked I hadnt heard of it, and pissed that my aim skillz werent translating to tracking. Never stopped playing
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    Was looking for new game with friends. We stumbled upon Total Biscuits promotional video thing. I was ultra skeptical, thought the concept was cool but I didn't believe for a second that anybody could execute it well. Was in particular skeptical about the gun play.

    My friend made me buy it, reluctantly. My impression rapidly turned and I quickly fell in love. <3
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    I was comparing finches on the Galápagos islands, way back in the day...

    I was looking for an alternative for Aliens vs Predator (2) and found Natural Selection, well actually my late friend (Madman) found it and send me a download link to NS1.03 (2002), which included the most awesome bug ever: aliens could use phasegates as well, side note for those who never played NS, phasegates needed to be +used.

    Then in the fall of 2009....................


    Also I'll post this here as I find it relevant and magical and awesome. Now cause I made it, I might be biased. Ignore that bit and step into nostalgia lands with me and Gorge
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    Tactical Gamer's NS1 server announcement. Was playing multiple other titles there in those days. Not so much after finding NS. :)
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    I played NS1 and got wind of the NS2 alpha somehow. That shiny black armor was available for pre-order, but I refrained since I had a horrible PC. Even though I couldn't play until the beta, I should've bought that special edition. :'(
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    I saw my older brother playing NS1 on release, who was recommended it by some friends who had been playing the beta.

    I liked the sneaky walking on walls aspect of the skulk as I'd really enjoyed the same thing previously on AVP. I had also been pondering recently why there isn't a game that blends RTS and FPS, and how cool that would be, so I liked that aspect of it. I also liked the fact that aliens had a unit that could drop offensive and support structures - something which I enjoyed about the engineer in TF2.

    Mostly, however, I just liked copying by brother. Thus, henceforth, I started playing.
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    I helped run a gaming website, we had servers and was always looking for the next big thing. Stumbled across Natural Selection on the half-life mods boards. Was one of our more popular servers.

    I heard via an email that the developer of NS was looking to make a sequel. I took the risk and sent my money for the deluxe version. I watched the Source engine infest demo and though it was going to be exciting... then nothing, for ages.

    Getting the Alpha / Engine test email was the start of a love affair with one of the most unique and fun games ever made.
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    Was playing Counter-strike one day, somehow after looking around ended up with this mod called Natural Selection - nearly 13 years later - I have left school - Got a job -Got Engaged - Had a baby - all while playing Natural selection.

    And i dont see it ending anytime soon.

    Best game i have ever and will ever play, No doubt.
  • Saffron_bakerSaffron_baker Sweden Join Date: 2015-06-09 Member: 205352Members
    i must thank subnautica for that!
  • Soul_RiderSoul_Rider Mod Bean Join Date: 2004-06-19 Member: 29388Members, Constellation, Squad Five Blue
    My friend was in a clan called [KB] for NS, the same clan as a certain Sgt.Barlow. He got me to download it and give it a try. Needless to say, I have played it since then.

    When the forums went, I thought my world had ended. Not so much because of the access to the forums, but the loss of TWG games that I so loved playing.

    When the forums came back with the NS2 announcement, I bought the black armour, we just need to get people playing TWG again.
  • CalegoCalego Join Date: 2013-01-24 Member: 181848Members, NS2 Map Tester
    Winter sale something like 4 years ago? Freshmen year of college I think, had just started truly gaming online and found this tactical genius madness. Been playing ever since (with a few breaks).
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    I saw a preview for Natural Selection on a gaming website (planet half-life?), then forgot about it and missed the release. Saw something about it again about three months later and quickly got the mod and started playing. When NS2 was on its way, I subscribed to the NS2HD channel and once it looked like the game would actually exist I hopped into the beta.
  • BensonBenson Join Date: 2012-03-07 Member: 148303Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Shadow
    Was at a friends house when I was 15, and he was HUGELY into CS, he somehow heard about this game that lets you fly and walk on walls. Saw him play NS1 as a lerk. Installed the game once I got home, and really haven't stopped playing it. I'm 25 now.

    Yay for a decade of enjoyment from just one mod!
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    About January 2012 I was looking for a new game to play. I came across ns2. I immediately knew wanted to play the game. I almost bought it then, but money was tight that month. I also thought $35 for a game that I was not sure I would enjoy was a bit much. So I decided to wait. This just so happened to be on the last day black armor was offered.

    Around April I finally decided to get it. 2000 hours later, it has been the best investment in entertainment I have ever had.
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    remember looking at ns1 frag videos being jealous that I missed that game, then preordered ns2 hoping it would have the same high skill ceiling gameplay.

    edit: not saying ns2 doesn't, that's just the reason why I preordered.
  • FrozenFrozen New York, NY Join Date: 2010-07-02 Member: 72228Members, Constellation
    remember looking at ns1 frag videos being jealous that I missed that game, then preordered ns2 hoping it would have the same high skill ceiling gameplay.

    Sorry it didn't work out for you @turtsmcgurt :/
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    started w/ cs. played dod. found ns1, played on and off til probably '05, I even remember playing a few days extremely sick at home in '09.

    Then years of nothing. Heard about ns2 alpha, couldn't afford/didn't meet min specs. Few years later around the 1st of November, opened up steam and steam news opened up, announced that ns2 had been released, purchased IMMEDIATELY without regard for specs. Like 5 months later, I finally upgraded PSU/GPU and have been playing w/out crashing (woo) ever since.

    Checked the value of my steam account. At this point, ns2 is free for me as I've gotten 2100+ hrs sunk in.

    Best. Game. Ever.
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    I went round a friend's house and he showed me NS, and I thought it was the coolest game I'd ever seen and all I wanted to do was play it forever.
    I didnt have a decent computer to play it on at the time though. Then (many years later) NS2 came out, so I got a new PC with which I could play the sequel to the game that I always wanted to play so hard, and I played it a lot.
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    For NS1: I was pretty much playing every single HL mod I could get my hands on.. but I downloaded because my brother told me about a giant alien that would eat you and poop you out - although I stayed because the marine / alien atmosphere and gameplay was amazing.

    For NS2: It was off my radar entirely until I saw the infestation prototype video and some of the very early screenshots like the skulk in the vent.. I was sold on dynamic lighting and NS with better graphics, preordered ASAP. But I must admit I preordered so early only because "I did it for the Black Armor"
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    I had NS installed for years and barely touched it due to the confusing nature of it until a local friend convinced me to play with him on b4a. I was playing a lot of Renegade and Science & Industry at that point, and NS felt like a good mix of both, plus an unbeatable atmosphere. It was a good choice.

    I don't think my friend has logged into his account in ages, nor have I seen him on Steam, pretty sad.

    When the pre-order went up when I was in college, I bought it and later played around with those rooms with the little block man you could shoot. It was neat. I didn't have a powerful enough computer, nor the time to play actual NS2 until much later, when Gorgeous came out. Pretty weird transitioning from not having played 3.2 in years to build 245 or whatever. Completely different games, but they're better for it in a lot of ways.
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    Somehow in the days of HL1 I grew bored of HL deathmatch and started to look around.
    I picked up NS1 in its 1.04 time period. I was sold on it pretty much instantly.
    From that moment on I kept playing, through the slower pace of 1.04, to version 2.x which now is a bit of a blur, to 3.x which is most similar to what we have now. (faster pace and stuff)

    Someone in between combat came into being as a second mode to ns1. While it made it more popular at first, it eventually became the most voted mode. In essence, few were playing classic ns1 at that point. The other few rare servers out there running 'classic' had insane mods like lerk lift.
    Eventually I gave up queuing empty servers and left.

    Fast forward a lot and I noticed a advertisement for ns2. I think it was a sale.
    My first reaction was 'there is a ns2?'? (and why did none tell me?)
    My second reaction was 'want want need'.
    I got NS2. (im unsure if I got deluxe at that point or not)
    And now again I am here. Playing NS2, opening my mouth at stuff, and partially hoping folk would play the classic mod. :P
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    I was just browsing youtube back in late 2012, and stumbled into Hugh's "NS2HD" i binged watched his videos for a week before i realised i should just buy it.

    I liked the game that much, that i put up with playing it at 480p @ 20fps:S no WAY i'd be able to do that now.

    A year after, a friend i met on Ns2 "Bruno sardine" got me to start joining AUS PuG's and a draft tourney around late 2013, jan 2014.

    Apparently my coming was really good back then, because i was asked to try-out for comm in the best comp team in aus at the time.
    I declined on the basis of my crappy fps and resolution.

    (you tried comming at 480? it's...scary stuff. how i did it, i don't know.)

    6 months later, july 2014, i'd just gotten a new computer that could run the game above 30fps, and had just started my youtube channel "Verdiumm" which i'd been wanting to do for ages, but the shit computer held me back.

    And shortly after, "Calmos" invited me into the Comp team he was forming. "Fragmented"

    It's a shame i got into competitive stuff late, but i'm glad i didn't miss out!

    I think the only time i stopped playing for any length of time was the buggy mess that was reinforced. (that alien vision gives me nightmares)

    To this day i still play it pretty regularly, and it's the best $40 i've ever spent! 2172Hrs and counting!
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    I came across Natural Selection 2 purely by accident, whilst at the Rezzed gaming convention in July 2012. I played a few rounds on Docking, really enjoyed the atmosphere and the mechanics, went back home and pre-ordered the game, got my Beta access, and the rest is history.
  • CalegoCalego Join Date: 2013-01-24 Member: 181848Members, NS2 Map Tester
    I think this thread teaches us most that the people who have been playing it forever, will continue playing it forever. Long Live NS2!
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