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So when seeing the Moonpool I thought how cool would it be to have a dock/base for the Cyclops.

This took a long time to make, especially being that I was in survival mode.

I have uploaded a copy of the save to my google drive for anybody who want's to check it out, for now here are a few screenshots.

This is an early image of the base as I was building it, it has changed a lot since then.

This is a completed image of the base, I even added a Moonpool to the top.

A close up of the Moonpool embedded in the top of the tunnel.

Access to my Nuclear Reactor.

Nuclear reactor at my cyclops docking station, next to my underground storage facility.

The excavated area around my storage facility/nuclear reactor.

How I built this base.

To build this I had to set up a foundation made from the circular rooms 2 wide and 6 tall, before that though I of course had to find the right sort of spot to start work, so I went towards the grand reefs in search of a two sided ridge to tunnel through.

I then used the circular rooms to cut through the mountain in an orderly fashion.
This involved building lots of rooms and lots of titanium, at times I had to deconstruct as I made the next room.
After that I had to use the terraformer to get rid of some of the left over terrain.

The next step was to build the main base itself, so I started with reinforcements and windows.

I used tunnels and rooms to cut holes into the mountain providing space for my underground storage facility and nuclear reactor.

I added the glass corridoor at the front of the base for a nice view and mainly to connect the two sides.

The final step was the moonpool, to do this I build out from the windowed areas in line with the nuclear reactor, from there I built up using the vertical connectors, once I had made a bit of a hole in the ceiling I was able to try and fit the moonpool in. Lucky that I save so regularly as if the moonpool was off by just one corridoor it would cut through the top/sides of the mountain.

Sorry for the long boring description of how I made it but I thought some people might ask how I put it together.

As mentioned earlier in the post, at some point I will probably make a video to show off the base and upload the save for people who want to check it out.

I look forward to some feedback on the base :D

Edit : Here is a link to the save game from my google drive.

It is named as slot0099 for now, but rename it if you need to.
Unzip the folder and place it in "C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/subnautica/SNAppData/SavedGames/"
a.jpg 393.7K
b.jpg 401.3K
c.jpg 311.9K
d.jpg 231K
e.jpg 313.1K
f.jpg 312.2K


  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    My screenshot feature is not working at the moment. I wanted to show some of the stuff I have done so far (we need a new thread to let us show off our builds and to post links to the save files). In every base I build I add 1 room at the highest point and put windows all the way around it and use 1 part to have an outer hatch so I can put my beacon inside the center of the room then swap the hatch for another window. This keeps my beacons from drifting and lets me find my bases again (currently have 4).

    List of my bases:
    Home Base is near the corner of the shallows closest to the aurora
    Thermal Base is next to the thermal vent behind the aurora close to the grand reef
    M. R. Base is located at the edge of the mushroom forest that is to the left of the shallows on the map
    Sky Base is between all of these and goes 6 floors above water level (floor 7 is the beacon room)

    My next base will be in the Koosh Zone, then I'll build one near the reapers den (survived 3 of them so why not).
  • Thor11011Thor11011 southampton Join Date: 2015-09-24 Member: 208130Members
    Strange, should be no problem screenshotting in game if you are playing on steam. Just press f12.

    There is actually a thread in here somewhere where people have shown off some of their bases, but perhaps a base building thread stuck at the top of the forum would be nice.

    As for beacons I have had no problem with these drifting off, but I did lose one under the map so there is a permanent B8 in my game that is below the seafloor.

    I have yet to create a thermal base, though I have the blueprint for it, same for the bioreactor but I do not have that blueprint yet.

    The main reason I decided to show this off is that I saw quite a few different threads requesting a "cyclops dock/moonpool" and thought that it would
    A : It would be too big a base module ( Like we are talking HUGE, aproximately 2 circle rooms wide by 6 circle rooms tall and probably another 6 circle rooms back )
    B : ruin the fun/creativity of building a base to your own needs
    C : It would need to cost a LOT of materials due to it's size.
    D : Generally just too big, being that you are the only person there, what's the point in having some monolithic base module just to hold your cyclops.

    I enjoyed building this base, took a lot of trial and error to get it right, also took me quite a while to find the right spot to start building it, let alone time spent gathering resources.

    I have a tonne of bases scattered around the game so far, but this is my new main base as it has everything I need and a massive power reserve of 1000.

    I also have a little base that extends up to the water level, just for the nice scenic views and such.

    I try to avoid using the terraformer as it feels a little like cheating, it's also annoying that you cannot change the type of terrain you place with it, so I only bother removing terrain using bases and then I touch it up using the terraformer.

    If any admin/developer/moderator sees this post and want's to make it a sticky for people to post their bases in then feel free :)

    It would be nice to have a painting mode for the terraformer using the ctrl key or something so you can just paint the terrain with a texture, as well as maybe an option to flatten terrain.

  • 04Leonhardt04Leonhardt I came here to laugh at you Join Date: 2015-08-01 Member: 206618Members
    The actual idea behind most "We need a Cyclops Dock!" threads is that it's just a tube that connects to the hatch on the bottom of the Cyclops, and then braces the sub with some big, manly arms.

    Not a massive version of the Moonpool.
    That'd be stupid.

    Regarding your base, though, I feel it could be much, much smaller
  • Thor11011Thor11011 southampton Join Date: 2015-09-24 Member: 208130Members
    Yes it could be a little bit smaller, but if it was any shorter the cyclops itself would not fit, at least not without the sensors on the top glitching through the terrain.

    I did see a couple requests for a cyclops sized moonpool, I can agree a docking tube would be nice.

    Also I did this in survival mode, so I just made it work/feel nice, had I been doing this in creative mode I would have spent longer finding the place to put it and longer making it a better size, but I focused on making it so that the cyclops could come and go as it pleased through either end of the tunnel.

    As for the size, if was any less wide, the moonpool would not fit so nicely between everything as it currently does, so all in all I think it worked out quite well.

    There is only about a persons worth of space under the cyclops, at least when the sensors aboard the top are not passing through the terrain.

  • njs7t3njs7t3 Austria Join Date: 2015-09-21 Member: 208070Members
    I think it looks pretty cool. I think it's fun pulling the giant Cyclops right up to a hatch that you've extended from your base just for that purpose, and making a whole dock is even cooler! Props. Especially for doing it in Survival. Never thought about "terraforming" by building and deleting modules. I suppose it's cleaner. If we use the save file link, what happens? Does your save game end up in our load slots?

    Also +1 vote for a base show-off sticky.
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  • Thor11011Thor11011 southampton Join Date: 2015-09-24 Member: 208130Members
    njs7t3 wrote: »
    If we use the save file link, what happens? Does your save game end up in our load slots?

    Yeah if you download it and put it in your savegames folder it will end up on your saves list, provided you are using the same build as me, which is 23050, the non-experimental build.

    You might need to rename the slot number depending on how many saves you have/how many empty save folders are left lying around.

    It is currently named "slot0099" so you can rename that depending on what you need to get it into your saves list.

    That cyclops docking platform is pretty cool, still a little big for my liking though.


  • paradineparadine usa Join Date: 2015-09-18 Member: 208004Members
    My F12 button is broken (or my computer is not seeing it). That is why my screenshots are broken.
  • Warpig1331Warpig1331 Ohio Join Date: 2015-09-14 Member: 207951Members
    paradine wrote: »
    My F12 button is broken (or my computer is not seeing it). That is why my screenshots are broken.

    Have you tried going into Steams setting and remapping the screenshot key? It's under the In-game tab.
  • VariellaVariella California Join Date: 2015-09-29 Member: 208219Members
    Daaaaaaaamn. And I thought my base was snazzy.

    Awesome job! I love seeing people get creative.
  • gunmetal563gunmetal563 Join Date: 2015-09-30 Member: 208239Members


    My idea for the cyclops only there would be a ladder going up into the sub/docking ring inside and there would be arms that grab the front of the cyclops, align to the ring and hold it into place (similar to what grabs the seamoth) leaving the mid of the sub free for the seamoth to enter/exit

    the docking ring wont be usable for an exit/ent
  • FrraksurredFrraksurred USA Join Date: 2015-04-04 Member: 202960Members
    edited October 2015
    This was my idea of a Sub Pen:


    Above water: Reception Area on the right, Aurora Crew Area on the left


    Workbench, Fabricator & lockers on the left; Scuba Gear and Tool lockers on the right

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