What is missing in this game... A goal or missions

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Hi to all survivors and programmers of the Aurora

I'm enjoying this beautiful game but, I think after a while of exploring and building all these things, I figure out that I was missing something, I navigate but after a while I got almost every mats available and the life on this planet becomes routine.

So what is missing in this game is a goal or a mission which direct you to a possible end.

I thought to something I never saw in the game I've played in the past. Why instead of a "normal" abilities tree that we use to see in RPG game, we can have here a Missions tree that lead you to different ending.

- one possible branch could be "Stay and live on this planet", possible missions could be, construct a base, power plant, a garden (where with your DNA stuff you can making grow different fauna plant), even having some gigantic aquarium, where you can breed some aquatic fish for food supplies etc.

- another possible branch could be "Bring me home", this branch could have some mission that make you work to contact your home planet. You can have to build an external platform, a communication satellite acting like an interstellar beacon, that you can send with a rocket in the sky.

- A third branch could be "Advance Navigation", which can bring you to built sonar to map the region, you can also built a Holographic navigating system which could be put in front of you when you drive the Cyclops or the Seamoth, why not another satellite which will be able to discover a bigger region of the map without having to being there physically. Because you seem very advanced human, why not being able to build some portal or stargate (or water gate) that if you have a base an a huge amount of power, being able to warp on another base that you also have construct, also having another stargate to pass through. We can even have 2 different size of portal. One just big enough to put material in there, these mats would appear in your other base, and a big one to be able to warp the entire Cyclops.

I think some of these branch could lead you to a different ending of the game but for sure would be nice after the ending if you can continue to play to be able to discover the other ending. It's not because you have everything to live on this planet that you can't consider after a while that contact your home.

Anyway team you already did an awesome job.


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    I think there will be a story in Subnautica somewhere down the line.
    It might be a new mode called "Story Mode"

    It's probably something about trying to contact someone, only to discover that the beings that shot down the Aurora is preventing you (in some way) from doing that.
    Or you might have to deal with those beings before you can contact someone, seeing as they would probably just shoot them down as well.

    If there was a story mode I would defintly try out Hardcore mode.

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    I feel, logicaly, the story would end with a second wave of colonists being as you were trying to colonize this planet.
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    Objective......... dats what dis game need
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