Ideas for creatures on these islands and weapons to combat them.

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Behemoth: Massive 6 legged carnivourous land creature. Has 2,000 HP and does 90% damage per hit. Moves at a max speed of 10 MPH due to it's massive size and shear weight.

Hunter: Small 4 legged carnivourous land creatuer. Has 150 HP and does 10% damage per hit. Moves at a max speed of 30 MPH.

Tracdole: Small winged herbivore creature. Has 10 HP. Moves at a max of 5 MPH on land and 50 MPH in the air.

Hawkeye: Medium winged carnivourous creature. Has 50 HP and does 5% damage per hit. Moves at a max of 10 MPH on land and 60 MPH in the air.

Massodon: Massive 4 legged herbivore creature. Has 4,000 HP and does 100% damage per hit. Moves at a max of 5 MPH and will defend itself if attacked.


Pulse Rifle: Rifle that has 30 shots per Power Mag. Can switch between Safety, Semi and Full Automatic mode. Does 30% damage per shot and cannot be used underwater. Fires 1 Round every second.

Submersable MG: MG that has 100 shots per Power Box. Can switch between Safety and Full Automatic mode. Does 25% damage per shot and can be used underwater. Fires 3 rounds every second.

M2000 Pulser: Sniper Rifle that has 10 shots per Power Clip. Can switch between Safety and Semi Automatic mode. Does 100% damage per shot and cannot be used underwater. Fires 1 shot every 2 seconds.

Railgun: Railgun that has 5 shots per Rail Mag. Can switch between Safety and Semi Automatic mode. Does 1,000% damage per shot and can be used underwater. Fires 1 shot every 5 seconds.

Machete: Melee weapon that does 20% damage per swing. Swings once every 3 seconds.


Explorer Backpack: Clothing Item that when used adds 30 (10x3) slots to your inventory. Crafted with 10 fiber and 2 titanium.

Fiber: Crafting Item that can be crafted with certain floral items on the island.

Power Mag: Ammunition for the Pulse Rifle. Is crafted with 1 Battery and 5 Titanium.

Power Box: Ammunition for the Submersable MG. Is crafted with 5 Batteries and 20 Titanium.

Power Clip: Ammunition for the M2000 Pulser. Is crafted with 1 Battery and 3 Titanium.

Rail Mag: Ammunition for the Railgun. Is crafted with 30 Titanium and 5 Copper.

Wood: Crafting Material obtained by chopping up trees.

Handle: Crafting Material for the Machete. Is crafted with 3 Wood.

Blade: Crafting Material for the Machete. Is crafted with 5 Titanium.



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    This game is based on exploration, not killing things. It's no use listing creature qualities like HP.
    I think flying creatures shouldn't be big. It makes sense to make them half aquatic, since world is covered in water. Same for land creatures. Your hunter sounds like a good idea (fast decend sized dangerous amphibian animal).

    NO STRAIGHT LETHAL WEAPONS! Tools that can be used as 'weapons' are OK (knife, prop cannon, etc). This is not just my opinion, it's also what devs have said. This is discussed quite a lot on the forums, for example here.

    The backpack could be nice, but there should be some kind of drawback on it. Like decreased speed. There could be a back slot, which would take either a tank or a bacpack.
    Creepvine pieces are already considered 'fiber'. But yeah, some land vegetation could work as well.
    Wood is unnecessary, I think. Maybe you could harvest other materials from those trees, like fruits. Or maybe you could chop them down for logs and use them to produce electricity (heat geretator, bioreactor).
    Blade and machete are even more useless. You have the knife.
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    ...So why would I build all that when I could just use the stasis rifle and a knife? Especially since you can't use the weapons underwater and the majority of the time you will be underwater?
    Yea, weapons require usability above and below water... like the ones already in the game. 
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    I agree there should be something on the island(s). Probably mostly amphibious and small animals. (Like the crabs on the aurora.)
    As to how to combat them, I'd say... stasis rifle + knife :p
    Else just drown them with the propulsion gun and shoot em off into the far blue.
    Considering that most of the world is water, it doesn't make much sense for lifeforms to be fully evolved to be land based, it just doesn't make sense to specialize, when all you have is 100m² of land with a bit of grass and some trees. and infinite m² of ocean.
    I definitely do not agree to the scope you thought of.
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    These sound like good ideas for a different game.

    Given the small size of the Floater island, it doesn't make sense for it to be home to huge creatures. It seems like life developed there not too long ago when a Floater got too big and raised some underwater landmass up to the surface. The contact with air and direct sunlight let certain flora and fauna sprout there. I'd wager that whatever evolved on it is not going to be too big. Yet. It's probably a pretty self-sustaining microcosmos of smaller creatures that feed off of each other and the (comparatively) much larger flora, in which large predators would be too disruptive.

    I'm just theorizing though. A dev who knows what's planned, or anybody more in the savvy can please go ahead and correct me here.^

    And unless I missed something, last I checked, the devs said they were against adding directly lethal weaponry to the game. They're also not really needed to defend yourself since you can cause quite a lot of mischief with a stasis rifle, knife, and a propulsion cannon. Adding monsters for combat on islands and weaponry to deal with them would add a totally different meta-game experience to Subnautica that IMHO does not warrant the effort required to implement it. (For now.)
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    Weapons FTW!!!!

    Dragons in desperate help:

    Dragon I've recently gained:WK3pU.gif
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    No lethally damaging weapons. But, this with a stasis rifle port would be awesome if it was added into the game.g2hlyto7hcq7.jpg
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