What would you personally like the next Subnautica update to focus the most on?

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Hello everyone,

With the next update being likely released around Tuesday of next week, I feel like now would be a good moment to voice our opinions as for what we would like next updates to focus on. For the more complicated systems listed below, a vote here does not imply that you expect the whole thing to be finished in a single update, rather that you'd like the devs to keep it in mind right away so that they can work on it over time and, hopefully, get it done sooner than normal. Also, votes here are a mean of letting the devs know what you want the most in the next update, but don't expect the whole update to be focused ONLY on it; that's simply not how things work.

PS: I gathered the poll options objectively and based on the suggestions I saw the most around this forum, Steam's forum and the Wiki's forum. Basically, this means "Weaponry" is among the options of this poll. However, please don't start the whole Weapons vs No-Weapons debate here; it's not the place for it.

Finally, all votes are anonymous.

What would you personally like the next Subnautica update to focus the most on? 156 votes

8% 14 votes
Bug fixing
5% 8 votes
22% 35 votes
New life forms
11% 18 votes
New biomes
7% 12 votes
Improve existing biomes
7% 11 votes
4% 7 votes
Enhance the current base system
23% 37 votes
New vehicles
8% 14 votes


  • KodasaKodasa New ZealandMembers Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203545Posts: 73 Fully active user
    I think the storyline is the best bet here, because depending on how they develop it, it would mean everything else on that list growing around the lore of the universe. There are suggestions on this forum for things like Archeology and Radio and such that would enhance the various parts of the game by adding new maps, biomes, better base stuff etc. While also growing the games' storyline.
  • SalmonJEDlSalmonJEDl FinlandMembers Join Date: 2015-05-14 Member: 204465Posts: 163 Advanced user
    The poll should include 'Technology upgrades'. Straight offensive weaponry will probably never make it to the game, so this could replace the 'Weaponry' -choice. Many upcoming tech can be used as sort of weapons anyway.

    I personally would like to see some storyline and biome upgrdes (along with larger map), but I think that devs are more likely to focus on basic mechanics like main tech, fish behavior and bug/framerate problems. Which I think is best for now, to increase the enjoyment of the basic game to high level, and fill in the special stuff afterwards.
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    Development is certainly very open on this project, but Unknown Worlds are known to spring great surprises out of nowhere on their playerbase with release (Bubbly Infestation in NS2).

    In that vein, I agree that the main points they will probably focus on is mechanics, animations, general bugs and additional content. I think some biomes and additional areas will probably be worked on that we don't see until the official release of the title, and maybe even a creature or two and a vehicle.

    All this is wild speculation and maybe a complete over-expectation on my part, but hey, I can dream :D
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  • CharrxCharrx DenmarkMembers Join Date: 2015-05-15 Member: 204512Posts: 2
    Thats a rough one too be honest, i really like the storyline, but the concept art for the new lifeforms are also really cool! And i would also like to see more vehicles. and i would also.... yeah you get it by now.

    I personally think you should release another chapter of the storyline, and then spend some time bug fixing. But you do whatever you find best and i'll just keep swimming :D
  • PunkeroPunkero FinlandMembers Join Date: 2015-04-22 Member: 203733Posts: 47 Advanced user
    Multiplayer? Really guys? The game has 3-4 hours of gameplay, and then you run out of stuff to find/see/make/do. New biomes and new lifeforms seem the best ideas for me. Also bug fixing and enchancing of the base system are very important too. Storyline? Not really i think it has to wait just a little bit. Weapons? Not yet! Vechiles? Seamoth and Cyclops are enough for now. improving biomes? lamest of them all.
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  • drill558drill558 Members Join Date: 2015-04-16 Member: 203499Posts: 9 Fully active user
    For me it was kind of a tie between new life and biomes. I would honestly much rather see a combination of more creatures like the treader, crabsnake, and eventually the big bad Emperor. Also, even though it seems to have a whopping 0 votes so I'm most certainly the minority here, Islands and the Grand Reefs feel INCREDIBLY empty and i would like to find a reason to actually go so far out of my way to explore such areas. As for the multiplayer, I couldn't care less since there is so much more that could be implemented.
  • conscioussoulconscioussoul CanadaMembers, Subnautica Playtester Join Date: 2015-05-17 Member: 204607Posts: 141 Advanced user
    The story behind the game is what will make this game a masterpiece or just another survival game, IMO. Something involving discovering that there is intelligent life in this ocean planet, communicating with them, anything along those lines will impact development a long time in advance, so it's a good idea to think about it early on. Already, I love it that the Aurora was struck down by an unknown energy. There is a mystery there to solve that gives all its meaning to the steps involved in surviving and building up your technology.
  • aronukaronuk norgeMembers Join Date: 2015-05-19 Member: 204667Posts: 4
    i would like subnautika to focus on bugs and multiplayer/co-op
  • MurigoMurigo ItalyMembers Join Date: 2015-05-01 Member: 204007Posts: 10 Fully active user
    edited May 2015
    More fauna, i think one of the prime factors of this game is "exploration", and being able to find some rare fish would be awesome! As i said in another comment, i would prefer fauna to be medium sized, because we have enough small and big ones, and having a LOT of different lifeforms would be awesome!

    EDIT : Small extra thing, why do you guys want multiplayer? There isn't much stuff to gain.. a nice 3 hours of game and you got all the best items! One of the points of multiplayer in survival games is "getting to the best tier" ( like in RUST you get guns, in Minecraft you get diamonds.. you got my point.) and then just get on doing the fancy things ( building with the terraformer or just gathering a lot of resources until you have lots of stocks).. atm subnautica doesn't have that much of a high tier, let's be honest, the cyclops is NOT that hard to build and it's the most "high tier" thing in the game. I think multiplayer should be the thing that will switch the game from pre-alpha to fully released game. Because atm there isn't that much to do toghether/against other players :/
  • TheSurvieTheSurvie Des Monies IAMembers Join Date: 2015-05-18 Member: 204631Posts: 12 Fully active user
    Multiplayer is because we can do it more and have more fun with it. Reasons is that we can play with friends that also love games and possibly play with youtubers on it. This will make the game extremely more fun with multiplayer.
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  • TheSurvieTheSurvie Des Monies IAMembers Join Date: 2015-05-18 Member: 204631Posts: 12 Fully active user
    Punkero wrote: »
    Multiplayer? Really guys? The game has 3-4 hours of gameplay, and then you run out of stuff to find/see/make/do. New biomes and new lifeforms seem the best ideas for me. Also bug fixing and enchancing of the base system are very important too. Storyline? Not really i think it has to wait just a little bit. Weapons? Not yet! Vechiles? Seamoth and Cyclops are enough for now. improving biomes? lamest of them all.

    well the reason dude is that we can build a bigger better base.
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  • x1Alpha2014x1Alpha2014 GermanyMembers Join Date: 2015-05-16 Member: 204528Posts: 86 Advanced user
    First fix all the Bugs pls!
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  • BingohasBingohas UKMembers Join Date: 2015-04-20 Member: 203667Posts: 12 Fully active user
    I'm not at all familiar with how the development process works, so this may sound stupid.

    I personally would like to see the current build of the game and all it's content brought up to release standards (Icons, animations, fabricator stuff ect.), so there is a solid base game with a fair amount of content before more stuff gets piled on and the list of bugs and things to refine grows too big.
    But for all I know it could be easier for the devs to simply fix bugs and change old stuff as they go along.
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  • mikejmikej Members Join Date: 2005-03-05 Member: 43642Posts: 7 Fully active user
    subnautica is such a great game! multiplayer would be super awesome. but i voted for new ships. i think there should be like 30 ships in the end game and hope you find some of them.
    anyways i don't want to spoil the game by overplaying it, so im going to wait a few more months.
    there is a very solid gameplay experience there already, but it needs more enrichment, more depth to the simulation. i really hope it becomes proceedural, nd you can dive super deep and find cool stuff
  • ReefseekerReefseeker FinlandMembers Join Date: 2015-05-21 Member: 204740Posts: 110 Advanced user
    I voted for improving the current biomes. This is what I mean by that:

    The current biomes are awesome and diverse. The thing is, the cave biomes are beautiful, but you only need so much gold & lithium. Improving the resource base shouldn't really be separated from new craftable items/ships/modules either.

    In the future I'd love to see biomes that would be diverse resource-wise (friendly, hostile, high risk/reward biomes etc.); better/more rare resources, a more hostile environment. This of course goes hand in hand with crafting. In addition to sightseeing (which in this game is great though) there would have to be an ingame reason to go to the more hostile/hard to get to -biomes.

    Also, now that we've witnessed the horror of the Reaper, the next horrible thing in the game should be something different. The badass monster fish card can only be played a number of times.

    I wish you all the luck in your endeavors.
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  • Cynder_DragonbornCynder_Dragonborn United StaesMembers Join Date: 2015-04-17 Member: 203557Posts: 50 Fully active user
    Flying vehicles. Hovercraft, VTOL's, Sci-fi Jets and stuff like that. Which comes with aerial Lifeforms and the opportunity to watch weather events (If they add weather.) and an aurora borealis like event that happens every now and then. This could be very fun and add a lot of content. :)

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  • DeepoDeepo lisbon portugalMembers Join Date: 2014-12-20 Member: 200150Posts: 28 Fully active user
    populate the empty biomes and flesh out the lore. multiplayer for next update ?? surprised at the suggestion.
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  • jose1234jose1234 miami flMembers Join Date: 2015-04-11 Member: 203284Posts: 5 Fully active user
    new vehicles like the exosuit and also fix the bugs as much as passible the game is good needs some bugs fixing and thjen story line would be also someone to be him not alone in these world of water.
  • sharvysharvy North Carolina Members Join Date: 2015-04-28 Member: 203902Posts: 91 Fully active user
    I think they should improve the existing biomes like in the concept art so more creatures can be added.
  • SwiftShadowSwiftShadow UnknownMembers Join Date: 2015-05-24 Member: 204827Posts: 1
    personaly i would love a more "personal" tech tree i have a couple of ideas here that i cooked up in my free time you would examine a fish and use its properties to make equipment:

    Hang gloves: stick to terrain and larger creatures (floater)

    mesmer protection system upgrade seamoth: seamoth will get the mesmers ability to mesmerize creatures (usefull for distracting reaper L,) (mesmer)

    heat gloves: heat up area in front of player scaring/injuring fish (lava larve) can be combined with hang gloves

    anti-mesmer lens:... yup (occulus+peeper)

    auto-suit: a proper exosuit with trusters, oxygen water and food supply, grappling hook, (you cant swim/float with this, instead you will have to run and jump parkour style) (creepvine, bladderfish, reaper L,) (eating and drinking are NOT automatic and require a animation it does however come with a full dining set spork, knife, glass, everythingyou need,)

    personal exo-suit: basicly a auto-suit escape "pod" moves faster but provides no protection and no oxygen high energy can dash (rabbitray?)

    night lens: for dark area's (oculus)

    fish glider: glider designed after all fish no energy required can open warper portals and moves faster than everysingle fish in-game (requires all fish and fish eggs to be analyzed)

    flare: scares of all creatures (yellyray) (no not OP: can only be fired once before having to recharge)

    Speamoth: modified version of the seamoth blends in with the enviroment (fish?)

    lasher: portable grappling hook restrics and holds a creature allow you to drag it onto (man-made) land (reaper L, floater,)

    Very Anti-fauna Magelike Powertool: basicly a syringe built in the hang glove to drain blood for research (or nourishment) and make medkits (bleeder what else?)

    drone-system room: allows construction and research for drones. (aurora goldfish located in a aquarium)

    basicly drones are things that work for you from exploring to gathering and building drones do all. however should a drone break or run out of energy the drone would return to base and refuse to work until manualy repaired and recharged using base energy meaning if you dont have enough resources to keep them running. you will have to go out yourself and get the materials.

    a player can assume direct controll of a drone via a terminal built in the drone room wich lists all active drones
    a drone room holds 4 drones each room built next to another will join up and give 2 extra "mini-moon-pool-for-drones" or mmpfd in short. so one room is 4 two diffrent unconnected rooms is 8 and 2 connected rooms is 10.

    Gather drone: gathers scrap and brings it back to base, manual controlled drones can also break limestone chunks.

    lure drone: goes around luring random creatures to your base. (including Reaper L,s)

    construct drone: manual control only: for safe base expansion,

    explore drone: puts beacons in each diffrent biome is faster and has more energy than others, manual control allows custom beacons to be placed, cant do anything else , if every biome is tagged it wont launch unless manualy controled

    drones are unlocked by researching parts of the aurora.

    while i dont own subnautica yet im working hard to be able to buy it soon! i hope these ideas are TOO out there.
  • cadepaolinocadepaolino Fort launderdale fl 33301Members Join Date: 2016-04-20 Member: 215997Posts: 1
    Honestly I think multiplayer is the best way to go, but I still think you should keep single payer aswell. By multiplayer I mean a small amount of people on a private server that anyone could make with a limit around 5 people.
  • iSmartManiSmartMan Members Join Date: 2016-04-17 Member: 215884Posts: 36 Advanced user
    I think the devs said somewhere that they're planning to save the bulk of the storyline until the game is officially released, so there's not much point in putting my vote there. Do you think you could add an option for more crafting recipes and endgame-tier items? I'd love to do something with all the mercury, gold, and salt cluttering up my lockers.
  • zetachronzetachron GermanyMembers Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Posts: 1,189 Advanced user
    As much as I like your poll, you forgot to offer "other possibilities". But right now it's probably improving the "base" system if tech is meant.

    Now, that the Lost River geometry opened and all planned creatures but the emperor kin are spawnable, my personal preferences would be:
    1. Finish the tech ... it's called the machine update, not creepy biome or creature update, yet they aren't in the update so far ... scanner room, rechargers, internal reactors, Scott'Ts cyclops rework ... and soon the exosuit, cyclops upgrades and dock should come.
    2. Get the warper using portals and the sea dragon inside the game to make travelling the deep more exciting. Polishing can be done later.
    3. Polish the existing biomes to have working creature-creature and creature-plant relationships that are more than hunt, kill and flee.

    Things to be done rather later, but still important:
    • Storyline - A raw line first, later to be polished
    • Bug fixing - allways necessary, but not above features
    • Weaponry - not much, more polishing of existing weapons and maybe better sub weapons

    Finally, the things that should be done after release or never:
    • Multiplayer - preferably coop and after release if the devs can do. Will depend on devs possibilities.
    • New vehicles - please rather polish the vehicles we have or get: the cyclops, seamoth and exosuit
    • New biomes - the alien or warper biome is missing, but I'd call this a planned and no new biome
    • New lifeforms - we have enough creatures, we need better interaction
  • iSmartManiSmartMan Members Join Date: 2016-04-17 Member: 215884Posts: 36 Advanced user
    ...and I only just realized that this thread was made almost a year ago, and it was talking about a completely different update than the one we're expecting...
  • eastofdeatheastofdeath usaMembers Join Date: 2016-02-28 Member: 213559Posts: 250 Advanced user
    Story is the key to the games success.
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  • zetachronzetachron GermanyMembers Join Date: 2014-11-14 Member: 199655Posts: 1,189 Advanced user
    iSmartMan wrote: »
    ...and I only just realized that this thread was made almost a year ago, and it was talking about a completely different update than the one we're expecting...

    You're smart man ... I fell for it ... those thread revivals, funny how they get you
  • Space_JesusSpace_Jesus Members Join Date: 2013-02-01 Member: 182732Posts: 58 Advanced user
    Penis-shaped fish monsters.
  • bwc153bwc153 Shawnee, KS, USMembers Join Date: 2016-02-29 Member: 213659Posts: 96 Advanced user
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    You should make a second poll without multiplayer, since in the time since this poll was created UWE has stated that Multiplayer is not a priority and it would provide a better idea of what the community wants within the realms of things that UWE has stated is feasible in the short term.
  • AvimimusAvimimus Members Join Date: 2016-03-28 Member: 214968Posts: 402 Advanced user
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    Improving the AI and behaviour of the animals to make for more enduring gameplay.

    Also, weather - having storms or seasons would be a great late game feature - adding a lot of drama.

    So if you make a new poll be sure to include those two areas (both have been considered by devs in the past based on blog posts and trello).
  • iSmartManiSmartMan Members Join Date: 2016-04-17 Member: 215884Posts: 36 Advanced user
    Guys, according to the OP's profile, they haven't logged in since last August. They made this thread for a different update, they're no longer reading it, and they aren't going to make a new poll. Please, just let this thread fade away again so it doesn't confuse anyone else.
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