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First time I've done something like this, mainly to take advantage of the nVidia tool Shadowplay (which is awesome) and get use out of my recordings. Video is not monetized. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy.

60fps @ 720 or 1080p

All footage is from medi's 350hr+ Captains server in the US. It's not competitive play but the pickup-style games are organized and at least a step above rookie-friendly pubs. Definitely check it out if that sounds interesting to you. Full server name in video info.


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    That fade that you pistoled around 2 corners had to have raged afterwards.. ;)
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    glitch mob... nice.
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    Nice video! I wanna see the actions when you die or shoot with 10% accuracy (or you're God ^^). All those fades and skulks who probably raged towards you when they faced you haha. Not but seriously, why not look for a team? You don't look bad to be honest, some teams would love playing with you.

    (if you have one already, just ignore)
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    It's funny to notice the people in that video were actually regulars i played with the other night, one round was enough for me, took so long to get a second round going so just closed ns2. shoutout to the ppl debating about crags in nano that were being arced after round, was pretty epic discussion.

    oh and nice vid.
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