[BUG - SOLVED] Crash Upon Game Creation/Loading [BUILD 16520 APR-2015]

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Hi Devs,

I'm sure you are aware of this bug since it is very visible, but I thought it would be helpful to document it. I notice the crash warning mentions graphics card as GC, so perhaps it is caused by my specific hardware (hardware can be seen in dxdiag log).
The output log shows a repeating pattern for ~35000 lines, so I think the game is stuck in a loop during save loading/creation.

(Steam Experimental Branch) Early Development Build 16520 Apr-15

Subnautica crashes upon two criteria:
1. Creating a new save
2. Loading an old save
When doing either of these two actions, the loading screen is shown. The loading screen first shows "Loading...", then "Loading Object XX.XX% (X.XX s)", then "Loading world (XX.XX s)" at the bottom left. After about 30 seconds, a warning appears before the game crashes. The warning reads "Too many heap sections" with the title "Fatal error in gc".
I have tested this bug on Freedom, Survival, and Hardcore modes. All have the same issue.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Create a new save game in Subnautica
2. Load an old save game in Subnautica

1. The normal process in the loading screen
2. The loading screen after getting stuck and giving a message box

Dxdiag Log:

Output Log:
The log was too long for pastebin, so I took the beginning and end:
Beginning: http://pastebin.com/AM6h67cH
End: http://pastebin.com/UBMExYj4

I hope that helps, let me know if you need any more info or testing for this bug.


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