Horizon Bracket Prizes

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Hey I just wanted to ask about the horizon bracket prizes. My team won and was promised prizes. I sent my address to wasabione but nothing has arrived yet? I was told to wait 8-12 weeks and it has been about 50. help wasabione


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    16. Prizing

    (a) Throughout the course of the contest, the organizer may announce prizes applicable to various stages. The form, terms and conditions of those prizes will be detailed if and when they are announced, and the organizer does not guarantee the provision of any prizes to any player or team.

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    Still waiting for the Logitech prizes from the release tourney....
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    Yeah I really doubt these are ever coming. My team was supposed to get posters, too. It's been over a year. RIP.
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    And we were supposed to get our part from Saunamen emblem when we sold right to use our clan for marketing.
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