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PhalaguimPhalaguim Scotland Join Date: 2015-04-06 Member: 203026Members
I don't know if the introduction to the game is set in stone or not. Personally I don't really like it.
I don't know what the intro movie is going to be, not really seen much of it. Is it landing and the ship exploding with tidal/tsunami?

I was thinking, it might be nice to get a little history on the environment, maybe do a sort of video walkthrough of the inside of the ship, introducing the character, showing off some of the tech that might be available to the player. Then the ship is shot down, crashes, you wake up, it explodes.. tsunami.. monsters etc.

I like a little story, a little history to a game. Just getting dumped in the middle of the ocean.. that's really too much like life in general anyway.


  • Hyp3rionHyp3rion Australia Join Date: 2015-03-21 Member: 202396Members
    I think it's fine the way it is. It gives you a basic intro and some context & then leaves you to discover & figure out the rest. You're supposed to feel stranded in the unknown, just floating by yourself with you life raft in the ocean of an alien Waterworld. The intro movie doesn't convey it, but it's possible you get knocked unconscious during the crash & simply wake up with no memory of anything before, finding yourself in this predicament & having to gradually learn how to survive and start re-discovering your own tech again to build vehicles, bases & eventually terraforming the planet as was the ships original mission.

    - Hyp3rion
  • AklidienAklidien California, USA Join Date: 2015-04-08 Member: 203117Members
    Phalaguim's idea actually sounds really good - set the intro in the ship before it is shot down. That would 1) give the player a sense of loss, 2) allow you to better acquaint themselves with the background of the game, and 3) familiarize themselves with the game's technology.

    If you were allowed a glimpse of the planet before being shot down, that could be a fantastic lead in. Seeing the planet from a distant perspective would grant you a general feel of it - ocean-covered, full of life, and possibly very dangerous.
  • The_Purple_OneThe_Purple_One Okinawa Join Date: 2015-04-06 Member: 203017Members
    I agree with Aklidien, seeing the world from afar before crashing would give you a feel for it, and it would also make the player feel the urge to explore more, as from a distance you would see islands, and would want to go and find them as well as explore.
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