Underwater cave areas - make them huge

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Caves are fine, but I would love to see some enormous underwater areas (the size of pro sports stadiums).

Please don't make this another "ecco the dolphin" game where once you pass the first few levels, you spend the rest of the game navigating 10 foot winding cave labrynths.


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    Well, for one thing thing, there are no "levels" in Subnautica, as it's one big open world, and if you didn't want to navigate a winding cave labyrinth you can just choose to not go there.

    But there will be many different caves of many different sizes, including some massive caves that you can even drive your large sub through.
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    Point taken. However, I was trying to imply that "underground" areas can be just as spectacular and fun to explore as the open water areas. It is just my opinion that claustrophobic mazes only account for a small part of the potential of underground caves.

    For example: You could even have dry land far beneath the surface, with the appropriate brain coral. Maybe it is only dry at certain times of day, when the brain coral are active, during which time you can take a breather and watch the show from above.
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    Right now it is planned to have large cave networks that can go from vast caverns to lots of tiny caves that spiderweb an area.
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