NS2 SUCKS now...because....

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I am a avid NS player...have been since NS1 days...but something has changed.....for a start hardly ANYONE plays NS anymore and i think i know why. For most NS1 players at least, it seems EVERYONE in NS2 (well not everyone obviously) has forgotten ALL values of a game of Natural Selection. People F4 in the middle of a game now and vote to concede when the sightest of possibility that the team will lose arises. This is NOT NS. you go down with the ship and play till the end, its not over untill the fat Gorge sings. Concede is *snip*. F4ing when your com and the game isn't over is *snip*.

NS2 has lost its values and what makes it special, the most part of this - the community. Granted i only play on AUS servers... but my god...seriously, when i started NS what surprised me the most was the helpful people. Being an Asshat to someone isn't a great way to boost a dying games player count. People are new to this game, they deserve help HELP THEM FOR GODS SAKE, dont be all hero god-like and talk to them like shit, how are people supposed to get better.

People be kind to each other!
Stop conceding at the slightest hint of a loss

Ok im drunk, rant over......

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    Though I don't agree with the delivery of your rant, the principle of never give up is a value that has been lost. I would say however that not everyone is a quitter, a good well planned rush can turn the tide.

    Ive said it before that psychology plays a large part in NS2 and if one person can rally the team it does change the game.

    Game is very much alive in the EU so come join our servers if you can. :)>-

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