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compmod adds a lot of new, flashy and juicy things to the game, so a lot of public server choose to use it. However, it isn't balanced around 11v11 with new users, so aliens end up winning nearly every game. I feel it'd be great if some server admins got together and made some modifications to the mod to make it more friendly to new users.


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    I'm afraid to say I don't get the point of this thread.

    CompMod = Competitive NS2.
    Vanilla = Public servers.

    That's why we've got a CDT that is currently working on the game. Moreover, there are other mods designed by some community members to change a lot of things. I can't remember their names at the moment but that should be easy to find out on the UWE forums.

    So, if you ask for improvements and changes, make sure to contact the CDT or open a dedicated thread on these forums about what changes you'd like to see or what changes need to be done to make a better vanilla game from your point of view.

    But really, what's the purpose of this thread?
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    I presume it is to get the flashy stuff from compmod into public play. But I dare say 95% of that "flash" is already present in NS2+, which is on many (non-comp) public servers.
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    i've seen ticks mod and such. I don't believe it adds anything as flashy as hmg, it's mostly just number changes. LF mod is, well, you know.
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    Compmod's name can be a bit misleading. I think it still works well in pubs.

    As for the large player pubs (20-24 players) I'm not sure.
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    I don't think it would make much sense to have compmod, then a modified version of compmod for higher player counts, and then vanilla, not to mention mods for higher player find and server specific balance mods. How would you keep track of what version you are playing when there are so many different variations of the game. Not to mention the already time consuming task of maintaining and balancing compmod, and then having to maintain another mod and worry about that too.
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    Go ahead deck. Make it, and maintain it. Should be as simple as copy and paste right. :stuck_out_tongue
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    I am still giving consideration NS2- or NS2:Simple.

    A beginner version of NS2. Although, I may scrap that idea altogether and just build one of the 4 big ideas that are rumbling around in my head....
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