Xenomorph's vs Arachnids vs Kharaa vs Zerg vs Chryssalids?

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Okay, so I'm obviously a fan of Horror Monster Alien Bug movies like Starship Troopers, and Aliens including the video game versions like StarCraft, XCOM, and Natural Selection.

Who do you think would win?
- The Xenomorph's have Speed, Intelligence, and Acidic Blood.
- The Arachnid's Warrior Bugs have Strength, Armor, and a nasty habit of playing dead.
- Chryssalid's have Speed, Armor, and a habit of reproducing by impregnating DEAD enemies.
- The Kharaa will be focusing on Fades, and Skulks since it's a straight up battle. They have Immense Speed, Small Targets, and deals damage that shows up Xeno Acid.
- I'm not a big fan of StarCraft, hardly played it, but will, because I love RTS games, and it seems interesting. They seem to have Speed, and attack in large numbers, a trait possible by the other 4 Species, but not wise, because Zerg are very weak.


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