How to Not Suck: Being a Skulk in NS2

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Hi, so there's been a big surge of new players and no offense, but a lot of them are bad, but that is to be expected with a game like NS2. I feel that most people can grasp marine play much more easily than aliens and what is more important that learning the skulk?

I am by no means a professional player, but I have around 700 hours in NS2 so I like to think I'm above average. The video above will teach you the very basics of skulk play.

Also, the video was put together pretty quickly, just a few hours, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to get exact examples of everything I discuss in the video, but most of it is there. Also, feel free to drop any questions and if I remember that these forums exist, I'll try to answer any questions.

Finally, do not feel obligated to subscribe to my channel, it is not a channel devoted to NS2 and I don't know when, if I will ever, post another NS2 on this channel.



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