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Hello I would like to apply to be a playtester for subnautica.

computer specs:

windows 7 x64 Ultimate
intel Core i5 2500K (OC @ 4,3GHz)
ASUS Sabertooth P67
8GB DDR3 1600MHz
OCZ Revo Hybrid PCI-E 1TB HDD & 100GB SSD
Nvidia Geforce GTX 480

Previous testing:

Primal Carnage
Natural Selection 2 map playtesting (signed UWE NDA)


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    At this point in time we are not looking for any playtesters. When the time comes, don't worry, you will know!
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    Malus - When we're looking for external playtesters we'll make a thread on the forums with a link to an application :)
    UWE Playtest Co-Lead
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