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    Adding special series before I release my fictional masterpiece know as "The Hivemind" which tells the who war from the Kharaa perspective and gets you to really hate the evil of humans for a change. smile-fix.gif


    Scientific Documents: (will edit this post to add more as I continue)
    How Xenocide works
    How OCs work
    How regen, metabolism, taxononmy, etc. (various important FAQ)

    Stay tuned for more of Dr. x5 explains, continues on your Natural-Selection learning channel. tounge.gif
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    Coined the qualitative attribute entropy in reference to game maps.
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    Woah, Sorry, Tommy. I totally missed your post. Anyway, you're both on.
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    Forsaken - Chapter 1

    Work in progress.
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    Okay, I'm gonna leave your old Forsaken up on the list, too. For nostalgia's sake.
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    After I finish my third story in the series I'll post all three to see if there worthy of being hosted on another site by another.

    Thats the third in the series, a work in progress.

    Second in the series. Completed.

    First in the series. Completed.

    However, all of them need to be reinforced grammar, punctuation, and more details which I have somewhat done on the first two, I plan on revising them all after all 3 are complete.
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    Woah, holy crap. Sorry it took so long.

    I put the two other parts under Tale of Marine. Easier to find.
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    rob, the directory needs redirecting after the site change

    plus we missed the time to have the night before kharaasmass stickied sad-fix.gif
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    Should be good now.

    And yes, we missed Kharassmas... but it wouldn't make any sense to put it up now.
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    Solace is a backstory for a map I'm working on. I was going to leave it at the point where the Marines get to the Marine Start, but this story just keeps growing!

    The name of the map is (unsurprisingly) ns_solace. I also wrote the ns_hulk backstory from an original concept by Rendy[Czech], the author of the map. I can't get to it right now but if I find it I'll post it as an easter egg in the Solace thread smile-fix.gif
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    The first chunk of Solace is finished. I'm gonna leave it there for now, so tell me what you think wink-fix.gif
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    I guess I could post The Onos and Me And My Parasite in here. Both completed (short) stories.
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    Dark Harbinger

    Is the new URL link to the DH story if you could update the one you have I'd really appreciate it. The original link you have in unfinished stories got screwed up I think when the forum changed over. Or at least the formatting of that story got destroyed so I made a new thread.

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    /me slaps himself for being lazy.

    Okay, everything to here should be in now. Internal links will continue to be b0rked as long as the forums are in their "secret" state. After we flop back over to regular old they ought to kick back online, so I'm not gonna change them. tounge.gif
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    Holy crap! I never expected the team to actually put in all that work and restore all the old posts! Damn, I wrote mine a while ago. I might just renovate it with a real ending and quit half-assing it. marine.gif
    The above post is the result of sleep deprivation and something known as "teh awesumsawce."
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    I fired another clip from my LMG at a approaching skulk. It seemed not to feel the bullets and leaped at me. I whipped my knife out of it's sheath and impaled the flying monster. I cleaned the blade off and ran backwards. The door barricade wasn't holding well. Me and 5 other marines had piled a ruined turret factory, a old armory and a busted turret, Propped up against the door of the room where we were holed up with a piece of titanium hammered into the floor. We could tell, all 5 of us, that the door would not hold much longer.
    I made a bright suggestion. "Hey,see that vent there,Mike?" "Yea,what about it?" "Well,if you could let me get onto your shoulders,i could get up then we can pull each other up." "Ok,thats the best idea we have right now." I placed my boot on mikes shoulder and boosted myself up into the vent-only to come face to face with a skulk.

    I felt Brian suddenly convulse and fall off my shoulders. A shower of blood fell with him, Leaking down out of the vent. I ran out from under the vent and blew out the first skulk dropping down with my pistol. 3 More skulks dropped out of the vent and faced off with us, Barking. I drew my knife and whipped it into one skulk's head, and then there were 2. One of the skulks leaped out at me and slashed into my leg with his talon. I leaped back from him and stomped his head into the ground, slowly crushing the skulk. I would have killed him, But the other remaining skulk bit my leg. It shook it's head and took a fair-sized chunk outta my foot. Tim supported me, drew his pistol, and aimed at the skulk. He pulled the trigger. *click!* The gun was out of ammo.
    "Oh ######!" screamed Tim. Resorting to desperation, He pulled a grenade from his belt. He nabbed the skulk around the stomach, avoiding it's flailing claws and teeth, forced it's jaws open, dropped the grenade down into it's stomach, grabbed the other skulk, (who was still dazed from lack of air), and chucked them both against the far wall.The skulks literally blew up. Breathing heavily, I drew my pistol and slammed a clip into it. Next to me,Tim did the same. I retrieved my knife from the body of the now-dead skulk. I figured we would resort to the original plan but a more immediate problem became apparent when we heard a scream from the door area. We looked over in time to see a Onos swallowing Joe alive. Bob was probably in it's stomach because it's belly was wriggling and i heard more screams. Horrified, we watched helpless as the Onos finished off Joe with a slurp and turned it's eye on us. It was probably still hungry, and i wasn't about to become Onos food! behind the monster, the door lay shattered. Me and Tim raced to the vent. Tim boosted me up and i pulled Tim up just in time to avoid him being impaled by the charging Onos. The great beast ripped it's horns out of the wall, (Taking the wall with them), Shook it's head, And roared. It stomped out of the room and 3 more Skulks, a Gorge, two Lerks and a Fade poured into the room. We continued along the vent until we came to a intersection.We started through but the floor busted out from under us. I saw that we were dropping into one of the marine control rooms that was still being defended, With the doors being blocked by structures. We fell out of the vent and landed on top of another marine. I fell to the floor, Rolled over, and fainted.
    When i came to, I was laying on a bed in the marine headquarters. A nurse was bent over me, Holding a syringe and a pack of food. Seeing i had come to, She opened the food pack and gave me a piece of bread,a cup of water and some dried beef and cheese. "Take it slow, you have been through a serious accident." She said. She asked what happened, and i told her about the room being taken over by the aliens and our narrow escape from the Onos. "Well,you happen to have a skulk talon embedded in your backside and a lerk spine stuck in your arm. Didn't you notice that?" "uhh,no...i guess i didn't." A thought suddenly came to me and i sat bolt upright. "Wheres my friend? Wheres Tim?!" "Calm down, Mike. He is in the bed next to you and he is calling for another meal right now. I guess i better go give him a little more food. Eat your meal now." She walked off. I pondered what was going on. I grabbed at my chest on a impulse to discover i was stripped entirely of any weapons,clothing or armor. I pulled the heavy quilt tighter against me and took notice of my surroundings. As the nurse had said, Tim was next to me devouring more food-the greedy pig. There was a healing station against one wall and a table where two marines sat eating food and talking. There were such tables located about the room. There were also two guards, both with Heac-98 Standard Heavy Machine Guns and Titanium Cholorite Caceporain armor. I looked over by the side of my bed and saw my Titanium Chloride armor suit and helmet there. Hung on wall hooks were my Grenade Belt, Sheathed Pistol, Ammo Box and Shotgun. I decided it was time to get out of bed. Slipping into a nightshirt, Underwear and Pants, i put on my Armor and equipped myself with my weaponry. Walking out of the cubicle i was in, i noticed i was still hungry. I walked over to a wall slot and grabbed a food pack, Then walked out the door to the briefing room. "Ah, Mike. I have another mission for you and Tim. Get your lazy ass into the briefing chair!" Rang out the voice of commander Techata. I seated myself just as Tim came in still munching on some bread. "Sit down you lazy son of a ######!" Tim was offended, But when you're offended by the commander, Well thats too bad. He sat down. Our mission was simple-We were to take jetpacks to the Kharra's hive and destroy it. If we were unable to destroy it, We would at least damage it. It was a dangerous mission and had absolutely no regard for Our safety. We had to agree.

    Four weeks later, We were marching down the corridor to the door out of headquarters. We had no idea if we would survive. We were almost to the door when it shattered into a thousand, thousand pieces.

    Thats the end for now guys,Part 2 coming soon..+

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    QUOTE(seatteller2 @ May 24 2008, 02:41 AM) »
    Wall of text
    It's only links to stories in this thread. You need to make a new thread with your story and link to it from here. wink-fix.gif
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    teh scary story of....the others! part 1.
    The others part 1

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    how do i make a post and then have a link for it? nerd-fix.gif
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    The goriest entry in The Others yet. Meet the newest Kharra. Not for the faint of heart.
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    i have a interesting backstory and part of a first mission that Ive planned out to make a campaign mod, if anyone wants to help with my mod friend me on steam my username is superhead50

    Natural selection2: campaign
    Narrator: for thousands of years humans have wandered if there is life beyond earth (show picture of observatory).(show pic of asteroid falling to earth) Sadly one day we found out the hard way, in the year 2530 an alien race called kharaa invaded earth, and most other human civilizations. The aliens landed on the earth from an asteroid carrying thousands of their egg,(show drawn picture of people looking at the asteroid) humans curious as they were tried to study this asteroid.(show pic of alien chasing an killing the scientists) But one day an accident happened in the lab and the aliens escaped (show picture of infection spreading)spreading like an infection killing anything in their path . At the time the humans were still in separate nations and they soon learned the only way to stand a chance was to join together to form the united nations of earth (show picture of the new flag).

    The main char: my name is (whatever I decide later)(show picture of man sitting down in a sad manner). I am a marine, service number 666789 (upto debate). (show pic of man saluting) But I am no ordinary marine I am part of a task force that utilizes small command to take check points. The year is now 2542, I have been fighting for 12 years.(show picture of woman holding girl scarce fully) I use to have a family a wife and daughter,(show same pic but pan out to see a skulk about to attack) my wife was killed and (show picture with a man with no face in the door of the house seeing this happen) my daughter taken for experiments by the aliens I assume they killed her as from(show man on his knees looking very sad) what we saw when we took one of their *labs*.(show pic of alien on roof) the aliens aren’t like most enemy’s humans are accustomed to, see theses don’t stand still they clime walls are as fast as cheetas and hide in the darkness. (show drawn pic of hive)But they aren’t dumb either see they use structures they called hives that command the aliens.

    Mission 1
    Commander: alright squad your landing on a docking facility that the aliens took we need to take it back as it is a crucial checkpoint in this war.(cut scene of ship landing while commander talks, next show inside of ship from player point of view showing his squad of roughly 10 men, the doors of the ship are opening and an skulk immediately jumps in as you and your men are getting up and bites the head of off one of the squad members you and your men quickly react killing the skulk. the cut scene ends, player takes control of the player).
    Commander: see that men its infection (targets cyst on screen) and what spreads it is the cysts kill them to stop the infection(some skulks ambush the men ), those are skulks they are the aliens base unit kill them and secure the landing pad.(move arrows point to terminal) next move to terminal and ill the infestation in that area, looks like they have a harvester in their which makes resource for the alien take it out as it will hurt the aliens resource gain(targets harvester for player)(also a few skulks are in their that attack player ). Next we were going to need to resupply so I am having a armory built, build it here is where men can buy weapons and resupply, you may also want to build a power node which are located on your mini map represented by the yellow dot. Build an arms lab and I will upgrade our weapons and armor to the highest tech. also if you want to respawn build a commander station and an infantry portal. Sadly your men aren’t connected to the respawn tables so when they die they die.(thing on screen saying press c to open map) I want you to head to departures with your squad and take out all enemy infection on the way and secure the area. if you run out of ammo you can pick up ammo if you walk over these boxes(target ammo box).
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    A story I made 10 years ago for the original NS, but it still applies. :)
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