Where did your nickname come from?

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Hey guys!

Thought I'd make a topic on the origin of your very own nickname! This has most probably been done before but what the hell!

BoRRiS originated as a nickname I acquired at school for being Borris the sneaky russian (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels reference) for being able to get away with everything haha.

I then assumed the mantle of Yojimbo (no, not a final fantasy reference) which basically means bodyguard in japanese and kinda thought it was cool to use for NS2.

How about you guys?


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    Pet name one of my girlfriends back in highschool called me.... and it kinda stuck.
    I'm so innovative.

    I changed to that about 3 years ago. Before that I went by "eXcessive" back in Cevo of L4D1. I honestly don't remember why I took that name. I changed it because there was a team that formed called Excessive and I was tired of people getting confused.
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    When I was a kid we changed Internet service providers like 4 or 5 times in rapid succession and I got tired of coming up with email addresses since the one I went by originally was always taken.
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    Coming up with names is hard, at the time I was setting up a lot of accounts and there was a coaster on my desk. It said 'Creepy Crawlies' that had a picture of a bumblebee on it.

    Here's a picture.
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  • IndustryIndustry Esteemed Gentleman Join Date: 2010-07-13 Member: 72344Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter
    I always played online games with a friend and he changed his handle to Science! so to follow I changed to Industry!

    And here I am.
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    I used to play a game called Savage the battle for newerth quite a bit that would allow people to use custom icons next to the names as clan icons. I used the windows XP accessibility options icon in control panel imgur.com/YWwfvsx because it kinda (but not really) looks like a G and an L overlapping. G lock is also the state of going unconscious from to much G force.

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    I was stoned in a net caf with a few friends when I was younger (probably around 14-15). It was my first time playing CS. I had to decide what to call myself in the moment so I went with something weed related cause I thought that was cool back then (only just started smoking). So I started with 'dope', then thought 'dog' would be a good word to follow cause why not dogs are cool too and that's a word that starts with d. It started as DoPE_dOg cause going from upper case to lower case seemed to be the in thing at the time (as I said, I was young). Then later down the track I switched to adding numbers in place of letters cause that seemed to be the in thing too and also cause it looked more streamlined that way.

    I tried to change my handle a few times during ns1 before just reverting back completely. Although I eventually started going by a different handle for other stuff after I outgrew d0ped0g - it's not quite x420SMOKEWEEDERRYDAY420x but it's still pretty lame in that regard (plus it made telling people my email address pretty annoying cause i'd have to awkwardly explain the o's are zeros).

    Coming back to ns2 I decided to revert back to d0ped0g again (at least for ns2). Mainly cause returning local ns1 players already knew me as that, but also because I like it better now. It doesn't necessarily have to be a weed reference. It could just be a dog that is dope. Also I get a kickin rad theme song that I can annoy readyroomers with if I ever decide to work out how to play music through the mic:
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    I honestly have no idea anymore. I think I made it when I was in... 7th or 8th grade? Something to do with me beating my friends in starcraft or something.
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    I know kungfu...jv are my initials
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    My nick was originally Roots, the track and album from Sepultura which was released when I was at school. Phoebubba used to be phoenix (we're old school friends). One day when setting up gta (1) as a lan game at school, he just took the first part of our nicks and stuck on bubba, one of the characters in that game. Thus Roobubba and Phoebubba were born.
    Over the years we have been joined by trollbubba, benbubba, doombubba, reibubba, rosbubba, kebabubba, moibubba, maxbubba, and oh god am I missing some?
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    Ha! Fun reading these. Back in my infantile gaming days (cs 1.0), I went by boozy for years which carried into ns1 and dod. Considering that I was like 13 - 14 playing under the name of an alcoholic clown, when I got back into gaming after highschool, I changed my name to *COUGH to reflect my love for w33d. *COUGH stuck for years, but ns2 trolls and asses had too much fun literally coughing into their mics to get my attention, I also got called "COUCH" a lot by euros. Hence, I now go by tussio which means "to cough" in latin. <3 dat herb.
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    Back when I was young I was a really big Sanic fan, and well, you can image search the name and everything to see where I at first got it

    I moved away from being a huge Sonic geek later but I wanted to justify keeping the name (cause it was simple and sounded good) without being fully tied to Sanic

    And after a little research it turns out "Nazo" was actually a Japanese word <- Defintion

    (Now you all know how to embarrass me later)
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    Roobubba wrote: »
    My nick was originally Roots, the track and album from Sepultura which was released when I was at school.
    Ah, Sepultura. You and I can be best friends m8.
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    Spent the night at a friends house one time i middle school and stayed up till 8 am. at 8:30 am his dad caled, and, forgetting i was not at my house, answered the phone. (30 min of sleep will do that).

    His dad quickly yelled "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, BENSON THE F***ING BUTTLER?"

    It stuck since I was the only one of my friends who could drive at the time and would drive everyone everywhere, so I became Benson.

    When i stopped playing games as hardcore as i used to (real life happened), I became BensonTheCausal, and am now constantly debating weather or not to become

    My life story.
  • soccerguy243soccerguy243 Join Date: 2012-12-22 Member: 175920Members, WC 2013 - Supporter
    In game i go by DieNasty. I got it from a clan i loosely associated with on battlenet during the SC1/SC:BW days. The leader's name was DieNasty...i've stolen it since then.
  • cooliticcoolitic Right behind you Join Date: 2013-04-02 Member: 184609Members
    Coolitic orginated as a super hero I made up in 2nd grade.
  • RoobubbaRoobubba Who you gonna call? Join Date: 2003-01-06 Member: 11930Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Shadow
    NeXuS wrote: »
    Roobubba wrote: »
    My nick was originally Roots, the track and album from Sepultura which was released when I was at school.
    Ah, Sepultura. You and I can be best friends m8.

    Check out mah band br0 :)
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    In the time before time people called me Mr. Decoy, because of the way I tend to play using misdirection, luring people in traps, misdirection, extreme outflanking (BF series) making people think I am somewhere else and sometimes playing the decoy for a grand master plan :P

    That turned Japanese, mostly because I prefered the Imperial Japanese army on pacific and Japanese maps (Forgotten Hope, which still has servers up btw :D)
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    Lack of imagination :D
  • Cannon_FodderAUSCannon_FodderAUS Brisbane, AU Join Date: 2013-06-23 Member: 185664Members, Squad Five Blue, Squad Five Silver, Reinforced - Shadow
    Had a handle of Antigumby (it was a LAN party in joke), way way way back (CS 2.x I think, and Q2). The worst player was gumby, so I wasn't that. Then played DoD and DoD:S alot (I mean alot). But I just sucked (really bad), so I decided to go by Cannon Fodder (that's what I was). It sort of just stuck (there are many Cannon Fodders around I know).
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    I killed a guy and stole his nick.
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    Moved this to Off Topic. Purposely left a re-direct link so all you people will come check out the cool place known as Off Topic.



    Yup. I made it for the pre-Microsoft HoTMaiL days (god, I even remember it had that capitalization). That means I've been rocking this nick since 1996.
  • dragonmithdragonmith Join Date: 2013-02-04 Member: 182817Members, Reinforced - Diamond
    Dragonmyth was taken. I tots didn't misspell a really simple word and try to pass it off as it being taken...
  • BentRingBentRing Join Date: 2003-03-04 Member: 14318Members
    This is my first online name, from 1998 or so. My wedding ring got bent at work a couple of days before logging on for the first time.

    Still use it for a few forums obviously, but I was just in the mood for a gaming name change. I had originally just used Roland but added the tHTG to differentiate myself from a comp Roland in NS1, and the tHTG came from a song, and I just didn't want a Gunslinger reference...
  • ellnicellnic Join Date: 2010-07-19 Member: 72559Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    It's simple for me. My name is Ellis Nichols so I basically chose the first three letters out of my Forename and Surname. Very simple. It does get on my nerves though sometimes. When I am on line and my name is 'Ell Nic', I sometimes encounter Americans who are ignorant and bias who think the 'Ell' in my name means I am Spanish or some southern American country who speaks Spanish, Which gets on my nerves because I am English, but what mostly gets on my nerves is the ignorance involved to think 'Ell' before a name makes it Spanish, When in reality it 'El' Not 'Ell' with two 'L's. But you know what can you do.
  • ReapMysterReapMyster Australia Join Date: 2014-01-11 Member: 192954Members, WC 2013 - Silver
    I was probably around 13-14 and at the time everyone was creating aliases like "Ace" and "Maverick" and "Killer", so I wanted to make fun of those names. When I started playing in clans people called me Reaps for short so that stuck. I have had some other names like Desk Lamp (used to play in a clan called "Industrial Strength Appliances" so we all had appliance names), but I've had this name for so long now it feels odd if I don't go back to it.
  • OnosFactoryOnosFactory New Zealand Join Date: 2008-07-16 Member: 64637Members
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    Names come and go, much like ex girlfriends.

    Brutal Deluxe/Raw Messiah/Super Nashwan -> Team names from Speed Ball 2 (1990 (Atari)/ 1991(Amiga) Game)
    PutCashIn -> A lyric from Mountain Song by Jane's Addiction
    Just Passing By/Mistake Not ... /Pressure Drop -> Culture Mind names from Ian M Banks' 'Culture' Novels
    OnosFactory -> Showing a friend NS1, they got frustrated with turrets and turret factories, calling out "Aliens need, need ... a, need an F'ing ONOSFACTORY!"
    MotherEgg -> Same friend misnaming the NS1 Hive.
    CanonicalConjugate/AlgorithmicEntropy -> r/AskScience nerdgasms
    molletisme -> came from a random post on r/AskScience, which I peruse at work whence bored (never happens these days, unfortunately)

    Babbles - RIP in the silent beta commander, who shall forever lament the removal of shifts spawning eggs.
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    I was between nicknames when I started with NS2 so I first used Gnossos after a character from a book I read.
    Things didn't go well, my hard to pronounce name, my noobish skillz, and my then integrated gpu led to a clusterfuck of playing ability. Which really pissed off the commander.
    So FF several months and a new PC I decided to have another go only this time with a more pronounceable name and thus 'Mod' was born. Some people on forums think it's mod to be similar to 'moderator' but really I was running out of ideas and needed something someone could say fast.
  • YojimboYojimbo England Join Date: 2009-03-19 Member: 66806Members, NS2 Playtester, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Shadow
    Haha cool stories guys keep em coming!
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