NS2 with Occlusion Rift

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I'm following the development of the 3D technology and it seems to be a good way to combinated the Occlusion Rift tech with this awesome game. Now-days the PCs are really strong to calculate 2 render screen and make this game more enjoyable. What do you think?


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    I'm pretty sure Hugh made a video trying this. A normal person would include the link but lazy people like me just tell you about it so you can look it up yourself.

    EDIT: jk, here it is
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    After somebody seen an video can't image the difference of the advantage of 3D view. You have to try! I know the 3D monitors or TVs haven't been the most popular way present this experience. The small screen size under 24' won't be more enjoyable and the distance of the display is the most important for the true experience. The field of view of the Oculus Rift and full angle of view of the eyes make it more real. Maybe an own 3D profile or fusion with Tridef redound testable versions.
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    There was a guy on the forums who tried playing ns2 with the occulus rift with third party drivers. It was playable.
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    Maybe playable, but the good configuration of the render elements like shadows and GUI positions are the most important. The sample render usually use camera effects and these in 3D are rendered wrong place. These cause dizziness, headache or badly feeling.
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    @Zavaro your services are needed. The answer is......custom HUD. It's what you need to reposition the GUIs so you can read them.
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    Fortunately it can be fix more easily. The mesh rendering problems are more important. For example the Eggs and some elements have been misaligned, but that's the Tridef fault :)
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    I'm sure things like this are a 'cool experience' but I personally don't want them integrated into any form of competitive video games, seems like a waste of development time for when it could be put into something more of a single-player experience
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    I think it would work pretty nicely in a game like @Subnautica, when you need to be able to look all around you..
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    Playing NS2 with the Occlusionulus Rift may sound like a good idea but it really is not for a lot of reasons.

    1. Stereo 3d rendering issues (graphical artifacts and decreased performance)
    2. Rubber-banding and any other kind of unexpected player manipulation is extremely nausea-inducing. Happens a LOT in NS2 and you may not even notice sometimes.
    3. In basically all FPS games, you run at super-human speeds which feels completely ridiculous in VR and also increases nausea. NS2 makes this worse with super-fast alien life forms.

    And even if you were able to overcome all these things and not feel nausea...

    4. A player with a keyboard, mouse, and normal monitor will have a tremendous advantage over anyone trying to play NS2 "in virtual reality" where the more immersive you make it, the worse you are able to compete against someone who doesn't have your limitations. Yes limitations. No VR hardware available any time soon will let you turn and aim as quickly or as accurately as someone using a mouse and keyboard exclusively.
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    I my opinion, the nausea is caused not rare, but depend of people. Someone can't see 3D movies without bad feelings, someone takes lot of time on 3D view and play or movies. The biggest problem the screen size, if you can't be in the 3D fully, your brain can't interlink the real pics and the 3D pics next to the monitor. That cause problems besides the rendering problems of the software. The human is adaptive lifeform. Now-days the mouse is his longest arm or a controller is also his body and that was only a geek aspect. See in the reality, in medicine and mechanics are also an expanded reality for your body. True, the head motion control not the best way to controlling this game, but the mouse and the keyboard more enough the full control. And if your performance is decreased, check the Nvidia Tegra chip. It's 2cm, use mobile battery and working with games of DX9. WTF? Yes, the performance in the future won't be limited! That technology come and kick the GTX Titans's ass :)
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