I did my utmost to give this game a second go...

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..but I'm uninstalling again. I put in 130+ hours before the alien overhall, but I can't even manage 3 now. It's become such a small community, and teammates so easily turn on each other making this a truly negative experience.

To those who have the foresight to encourage good behavior for the longevity of the game, thank you.


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    pub player eh? Yeah, currently the vanilla game has zero mechanism to make pub play enjoyable for solo pub players beyond the noob stage.
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    Marked as spam, because truthfully

    Nobody cares
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    Sounds like you're playing on the wrong servers, lol.
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    It's always sad to see players leaving but... to be frank, "Farewell" posts aren't necessary. It seems like most people make them to try and be a catalyst for change--which is commendable, and their hearts are in the right place--but it really isn't the right way to go about it (for a number of reasons that I won't get into right now).

    To be honest, I think the NS2 community is a lot nicer than most out there. In fact, because the community is so small, everyone pretty knows everyone--there are a select few servers in NA (and EU, I'm sure) that attract almost entirely the same people day in and day out. So there's really not much serious trash-talking. Sure, there are some ugly losses where everyone plays the blame game as the enemy team surrounds your starting base, but those are few and far between in my own experience and most people just join opposite teams next round and move on.

    And I'm also not entirely sure what your complaint is about. It appears that you have an issue with gameplay changes (i.e. pre- vs. post-Build 250), but the latter part of your post is directed towards community behavioral issues instead :/
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    casan0vax wrote: »
    It seems like most people make them to try and be a catalyst for change

    Don't kid yourself, they do it for attention.
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    Shame that you had that experience. You can mute players in game though. Silencing morons is an excellent feature.
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    ns2 isn't all bad. It has a separate voice slider which is best kept at 0.
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    I have never had the problems the OP is having. I recommend finding a dedicated server to play on.
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    There's a reason NS2 has an average of 1000 players at any one time and counter strike global offensive has an average of 30 000. And it's not because the two games are fundamentally different.
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    I'm sad to see that you didn't enjoy your NS2 experience, but I hope you'll return soon, as the game is always being balanced in multiple aspects. Perhaps you could tell us more about your experience and what made it difficult for you to continue playing so we might be able to make the game better. Voicing your opinion is really important to the NS2 team, but the game can't improve if the feedback isn't detailed.
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