Enforcing a noob/average skill server - possible?

cpt000cpt000 Join Date: 2013-08-28 Member: 187152Members Posts: 104 Fully active user
I'm thinking of starting a new combat server because IBIS's rubber banding drives me nuts. Is it possible for the server (at the end of each game) to kick and ban any player above 40 net kills? The ban would only last for a week, and could be even lifted on weekends.


  • CLARK_KENTCLARK_KENT Vancouver, Canada Join Date: 2002-11-21 Member: 9508Members, Reinforced - Silver Posts: 100 Fully active user
    I'm sure it can be programmed through one of the admin modules.

    If you run Shine, you might be able to simply enable ELO restrictions.
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    ban a player above 40 kills in combat?

    seems like you wont have anybody left.
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