Is This A Bad Bug?

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Hi everyone, I posted this article <a href='' target='_blank'>Alien and Marine Damage Bug</a> in the suggestions forum.

Should this be posted in the bug forum?

I've posted screens and everything.


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  • ZerglingZergling Join Date: 2002-11-26 Member: 9977Members
    It would be a shame if this couldn't be fixed. It really screws up the game mechanics...
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    Nassty, Trickssssey, Bugssss, my preciousssss.
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    Hmmm, thats a rather peculiar bug, but a bit farfetched (well, maybe not but still). The HL engine could do hitboxes and such quite well in the singleplayer (remember the headcrab?) so a skulk shouldn't be much of a problem. Could it be a CS retail thing? There weren't much aliens in it, so maybe CS-R was programmed to just simulate human-like hitboxes.

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    No, it happens for everyone at anytime, try it yourself. I did as well, and I half-conciously aim for their behinds now, rather than in their middle. AND I know where to aim with the pistol at those that are on walls/such...
    This pretty much must get fixed to keep it nice and balancy, but if its possible? Who knows... And like L3TUC3 said, HL SP had many many different hitboxes(dont argue, Pretty much every monster can be hit where you'd expect to hit them, and not in silly places like it is for skulky), so whassup with that?
  • OneSneakYmousEOneSneakYmousE Join Date: 2002-12-02 Member: 10389Members
    This is not only true for Skulks, it's also true for all aliens and marines too.
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    NS hitboxes BLOW. I thought we all knew that one by now.

    Oh well. I can't see this not getting fixed.
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    Why can't you just lower the amount of damage on the top of the hit box to ZERO?

    Kinda like a head shot, so that only the lower portion of the hit box takes the damage? You wont get the head, but at least you cant kill a skulk by shooting him in mid air.
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