What words should not be translated?

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I want help with translation and have some questions.

1. Is translation project still actual/alive?

2. From guidelines:
You SHOULD NOT TRANSLATE anything vital to the communication of the game, like structure names, alien names, abilities, upgrades, etc.
Could you please provide us with the whole list of words (not just groups), which should not be translated?

3. My proposal regarging translation of these words (for russian translation):
a. "You can eject from your Exosuit by holding G." -> " Вы можете выйти из EXOSUIT'а удерживая клавишу G."
in this translation the word "Exosuit" was not translated and not changed.
b. "You can eject from your Exosuit by holding G." -> "Вы можете покинуть Экзосюит удерживая клавишу G."
in this translation the word "Exosiut" also was not translated, but is written in russian letters and is phonetically equivalent to english original "exosuit".
What is better (or what is your recommendation)?

4. What to do with this?
CRAG_TOOLTIP (Heals and protects nearby friendly units.)
Does Crag really protect (and how) or just heal units?


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    Many of the tooltip and ui descriptions are out of date so direct translation might not be so good an idea. As for native alphabet vs latin, I would encourage you to use cyrillic but retain english phonetics i.e. Экзосют

    Also crag just heals.
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    That pretty much sums it up 1dominator1. :)
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